Wednesday, May 18, 2005


It is Wednesday, right? They are all running together now. A guy came to give me an estimate on my roof. I found them in the yellow pages yesterday. A friend of mine used to work for the company as a secretary. I called and she asked how I found them, and I told her about my friend. When I told her the name, she recognized it right away and said that was the best secretary they ever had. She moved out of state, but I will have to let her know. She is a workaholic and stayed till all hours just to make sure everything was perfect. They sent a guy out today, and I found out I knew him. It sure is a small world. He was my friends ex-brotherinlaw. He was the youngest of the boys and was the nicest one as far as I was concerned. I used to run around in the town he grew up in. He used to have a blazer with purple flames on it. (It was cool at the time anyway.) It was really awesome. He was just a 16 year old who saved up all his money, took one that was a piece of junk and tweaked it all out. Pretty amazing guy who took pride in it. He is a lot taller now, married with 3 kids. His family was very poor, and most of the boys were not nice people, but he was a sweetheart. Very polite. He still had the lispy thing today I noticed. I never would have known him if he didn't tell me his name. He seems to be a very nice guy. His son is 14 and has a truck he is working on so it will be ready when he can be legal. He said they were just discussing the other day about putting purple flames on it. LOL. He said his son isn't convinced yet.

Anyway, he will be back Friday afternoon to let me know what he has figured up. He is going to have to make some calls about replacing the porch as far as cost goes. He said they can take care of the chimney too. It sounds like it might be a lot more reasonable than the other guy that came. The only problem was he said that the decking needs replaced, and that is where a lot of the expense will be. :( I need to keep it under $7500, or else I will have to pay closing costs cos they will have to rewrite my mortgage. I don't know much about that, but I hope I don't have to mess with it. I can go a little over $7500 and pay some out of pocket, but not much. It will be hard on me if I do.

I have been making copies of stuff the lady from the agency needs tomorrow. She has to decide whether I qualify, and if I can afford to pay it back. I need to be poor, but not too poor. LOL I don't know if they can count my grant money for school or my gas allowance, but we shall see. Thats all thats getting me by for now,that and the unemployment.

I planted all the flowers I had purchased in pots today and set them around the house. I hope I didn't kill them. They have been in the garage too long. They look like they are already doing better, lifting their little heads up to the sun. My irises are blooming very nicely. I will have to get some pictures and post one or two. I hope the others bloom too.

There was a little coon still sitting by the porch. I went and got a kitty litter bucket, lid, and snowshovel and was going to capture it. My stepmother happened to be outside so she "helped" (meaning she captured it, and I cheered her on.) There was another one laying there that had died. She said they were about starved, so thats probably what happened. I put some catfood in the container and took the little baby out to the river and let him loose. I actually did that all by myself. I hope he makes it, but I hope I never see him or any of his kin again.

B'f is sleeping. He messaged me awhile ago before he went to bed. He is getting prepared for the midnight showing of Star Wars. Its nice to have a break. He is taking his son, so they ought to have a good time. I am going back to my HTML. I cleaned house today and stuff, so I didn't even open it up till now.

God Bless. And bless all God's creatures. Just don't let them live in my attic.

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