Saturday, July 29, 2006

Waiting is the hardest part

My webpage is supposed to be graded today. I have been checking since I got home at 5 pm and the grade still isn't posted. I have gotten all positive feedback from classmates, family and friends. I had a couple of little things I fixed, but other than that its done. I put it quite a bit of time on it, to get it just the way I wanted. We had to do a site for either a business or a "not for profit," and I did mine on our local state park. I took all the pictures, used a few graphics and wrote the whole thing in HTML. I emailed the head of the park and told him he can have it when I am done. I haven't gotten a response yet. I sent it to a friend of mine and she said it was great. She started a chapter of The Compassionate Friends, so I am going to work on a website for them. They have a meeting Monday night so she is going to see what they would like on the site. I did a rough first page to see what she thought, and she said she is very excited about it. I am glad I can help in some way. She is a great friend and has been having a very very rough time since she lost her daughter. I can't even think about her daughter without crying.

This is my last week of summer school. I have a final in 3D animation on Wednesday, and hardware on Thursday. He gave us some ideas on what the 3D thing is going to be, so I plan on working on that tomorrow. We have to make an object that either uses gravity, and emits particles, it has to have some lighting, and some other things. He is going to make a checklist for us and give it to us Monday. I thought I would go ahead and work on it. I think I am going to make a vase with marbles falling into it, and then shooting back out like fireworks going off in the bottle. Sounds good to me, but actually getting it to look right will be the true test. LOL

Time to get to bed. I have 3D demons to wrestle with tomorrow.

God bless, and please pray I get a paying job. The car still isn't fixed, and I forgot to pay my property taxes before the rest of the bills. :doh:

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Today is my special day

Well, its supposed to be. Its my birthday. I hit the big 4-7 today. I think birthdays should be a special occasion, but they so often aren't. My son forgot until he had been up for about 3 hours, then it was like "oh yeah, happy birthday." Thats fine. He's nine. And a boy.

This is the first b'day for me since me and the b'f split. Its kind of wierd not to get too many presents I don't like or need. The only thing I really miss about that is the cake and ice cream. I don't need it, but it sounds good to me.

If you count my first weigh in of the morning I made my goal. I usually only count evening weight though as my true daily weight, so we shall see. I have fudged a little lately. I hit a plateau and no matter how many salads I ate or how much chocolate and steaks I didn't eat, the scales didn't go any lower. I cheated a little, but not much cos I knew my backside would have to pay the price.

I got up at 5 and started on homework about 6 am. I went back to bed at 8 with an incredible headache. I got up at 9 to the call of more homework. I feel like thats about all I do. I think about different classes in about every waking hour. There are only 2 weeks left of summer school. Then I get a break, but need to be looking for a job hard and heavy.

I have to pay property taxes this week. Just repairs alone has cost me more than I cared to spend. The yard was looking real wooly because the weedeater took a dump. It needed a new battery and that was $20. My homework lightbulb burned out and it was $5 just for the bulb. (halogen) Then, about 2 am the other night there was an alarm going off and it was my stove. It was flashing a code and the light was flashing too. I think the light was burnt out making the top get hot so it set the alarm off. I turned it off and checked the next morning, and it was as I suspected. I got a new light for it yesterday. Its just a fluorescent bulb, so it can't be too much, right??? $17 freakin dollars for a light. I shouldn't have got it, but I did. We use it as a night light in the kitchen so if anyone (son) gets up for drinks or to get on the computer (me) at 3 am there is a warm little homey glow. The tailpipe is hanging off of the car, but I can't get it off to take it in to get fixed. The truck is acting like the transmission needs some attention. If I don't get it looked at, before long I will have 2 vehicles I can't drive. I hope its just fluid. If I can get the car to town they said it would only be $69 to get it fixed.

The good news is: I am still dropping some poundage, I haven't died yet, and my son still loves me. Isn't that what life is all about anyway?

God Bless.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Confusion turns my hair gray

Ok, its been awhile since I have been here. Everything has been going so wonderful I haven't had anything to write about. (Can you read the note of sarcasm in my typing???)

Today I went and got my resume back from career services. The secretary was out, so I stepped up to the office of the lady in the office. She gave me back my resume with a folder of tips and stuff for a better resume and interviewing skills. I told her thank you, and mentioned that I was scared to death about getting back in the workforce again. At this, I started tearing up. Geesh. What a wimp. I had never met this woman, and now I am on the verge of TEARS???? We went into her office and sat down and I apologized. We talked for a few minutes, and I felt better. Man, sometimes with this tear thing I can't predict when its going to hit me. I am doing a lot better, but its still not good. Am I going to do that if I get an interview???? Cripes. I don't have enough to worry about. I guess I can add that to my list.

I started writing this due to my webpage homework. I got off on a tangent before I even started what I intended. Yeah, I am fine. No, really I am. Quit looking at me like that. {insert maniacal laugh}
I am working on html for webpage. We have to write it all from scratch. No big deal. I am learning the rules, what is acceptable and what isn't. I have learned a lot already, but this book really gets me. The chapter I am on today is about frames. Apparently, from the authors perspective, frames are of the devil and don't work anyway. Even our exercise is to make it "look like frames, but don't really use them." If they don't want us to use them, at least for the homework, I don't understand the need to have us do this chapter. Ok, I do, but its a pain in the butt. "Here are the directions, but don't use them cos it doesn't work." (Not an exact quote, but the basics.) What really got me on this chapter was about 3 paragraphs on scroll bars and how to turn them off. I turn the page and the last sentence of the lengthy section says "There appears to be no good reason to turn off scrolling." I assumed it was important since it got so much space. I guess its more important NOT to do it. Its like someone giving you directions and saying "you know that road that goes down by the creek about 4 miles after the left hand turn about a mile down the road? Don't go that way. It doesn't go anywhere. Go right instead." I would be remembering the creek and driving till I found it, knowing since it was mentioned that I was going the right way. Why do they want to torture us so? There are whole sections on html and then at the end it will say that its been deprecated in html 4.0, but nothing else works so go ahead and use it. Then on the quiz the questions are phrased so that you know its deprecated, but you can still use it, so either way you answer its wrong. If I say yes, she will say, "but its been deprecated" and if I say no, she will say "but its the only way it works." AAAArrrrrrggggghhhhhh

Well, I better get back to homework. I just needed to rant. I do have some good news. I wanted to lose 20 lbs by my birthday, and I have 1.5 left to go. Still too big for a smaller size of pants, but I look like I can swim in them, so its all good.

God Bless, and pray. Pray for everything that needs prayed for. If there is any time left after that, you can throw one in for me, and maybe the W3C on this HTML stuff. Or at least the silly author of the book. He must have a great sense of humor. Or he gets lost a lot. LOL {wink}

Saturday, July 01, 2006


I went to the Windy City yesterday. It could have been a little windier, but it was a beautiful day. I went with a group from school, so it was cost-free to me. Those are the best kind of days, because I didn't have to worry about if I could afford anything. We went to the Field Museum first and saw the King Tut exhibit. It was awesome. We only had 1 1/2 hours there, so it wasn't enough time to see many other exhibits, and I kind of dashed through that one, but it was all good. I got a picture of Sue, the dinosaur and got a shirt for my kid. (he hates when I get him shirts, but for economic concerns I would rather get him a souvenir that is useful instead of something he will look at and set down never to pick up and look at again.)
After that we went to a wonderful restaurant in downtown Chicago. We were supposed to go to Bubba Gumps, which I would have loved, but am kind of relieved we didn't. We ended up going for Thai food, which I had never had. It was wonderfully spiced except for the gargantuan amounts of cilantro. I am not a fan of cilantro, so even a tiny amount seems like a lot to me. It was Vong's Thai Kitchen, so if you are into Thai food or don't know and in the Chicago area, that would be a great place to go. We had a real good time. Bubba Gumps was going to have a hard time accomadating our group unless we ordered before we got there and they were only going to give us about 3 choices instead of all the menu items. I understand, but was disappointed. I was relieved we went to Vong's because of my diet. I have lost over 25 lbs from my all time high, and want to keep the momentum going. From glancing at the BG menu online, I don't think I could have opted for something lo-cal. The Thai was a ton of veggies, with little meat and lots of spice, so it was perfect.
After lunch we got back on the bus and went to take a tour of University of Illinois Chicago. It was a LOT of walking, but very enjoyable. Afterward, we got back on the bus and headed home.
The bus driver was the most cantankerous man I had seen since my grandfather passed away back in 1982. He told us most of the way up there about how they had to talk him into taking the trip since the construction is going on, and no one wants to do Chicago anymore. He said not to get mad at the bus driver for whatever happens. He also said that he drives a lot of the longer out-of-state trips for the school since he isn't married and has nothing to keep him home. Gee, he is so charming, I wonder why he is still single????? <--sarcasm. He had no idea where we were going, nor how to get there. While we were in the museum, he had 1 1/2 hours to figure out how to get to the restaurant. He had the address, a map, and a packet with the itinerary. We get back in the bus, and he asks "where to next?" He said he had no idea where that was, so they got on the phone with the restaurant, told them where we were, and how to get to them. It was a mess. They had to call them back while we were making our way to them, since the construction wouldn't let us go the way they had suggested. After dropping us off, he was supposed to come back and eat with us, but they called and he was staying with the bus since he had to park 20 blocks away. When he came back to get us, he came from the other direction and there was no bus lane, so we got one while he was sitting at a light. It was not a good thing. He had to sit through about 3 lights and people were honking. I don't understand how people don't know the meaning of the word "hurry" but it drives me bats. I don't blame him for getting upset then. Cars behind us were honking, it was awful. We got out of there and got to the university early though. We were supposed to have some time to kill between eating and the tour, but it was taking so long to get anywhere they decided it would be best to get on with it. I'm glad.
I have to get back to homework, its going to be a very busy day. I HAVE to mow the yard today, rain is in the forecast for the next 4 days. I have an assignment that is due today, so that comes first, then mowing. My uncle called and they have some extra zucchini I can pick up, so I would like to go over there later. I plan on grilling out some chicken breasts for dinner and thought I would try grilling some zucchini slices.

Have a great day, and God Bless.