Saturday, June 17, 2006

Oh my

I was reading back through a few of my posts and realize how much I don't write about whats going on. I guess since I am just writing for release for me it doesn't really matter, but as for using it as a diary to keep track of what was happening at the time, its sorely lacking. I also haven't been posting as much lately.

I am back in school and have been for 2 weeks. The advanced hardware class is enough for the whole summer with nothing else. The first day he assigned 44 pages of reading, and being all tech stuff I fell asleep after the first 2 pages. One night he assigned us over 30 pages of reading and 80 pages of "skimming." (which to me means turning pages while I am thinking about something else.) He is gone next week, so he gave us a project to do. We are to study 24 different motherboards, fill out forms for all of them, and rate them as to beginner user, expandability for a medium style user, and which is the best for a techie level user. No problem. I have nothing better to do. YIKES!

The 3D animation class is fun. Its amazing what can be done with a few clicks of a mouse. Of course, the same instructor teaches it. While he is away at some speaking thing, we have to make a head with eyes, a body with hands a feet, attach everything, and make the eyes move together at the same time. LOL. It may not sound like so much, but after only having the class for two weeks, I am no where near body mode yet. I bet I will be by the time he gets back.

The web design class is fun. Eventually, when time permits there may be a few changes to this site. I have tried to fix the spiderman post, and maybe when I get into more html I will be able to. I can't figure out where the problem is. Anyway, my friend complained about all the homework she had in that class in the regular semester. I was hoping since this is summer semester and half of a regular one that she would cut some parts of out the assignments. Boy, was I wrong. She just has us do 2 assignments a week instead of the one they had due. LOL. I love my computer, don't get me wrong, but I also like to get away from it from time to time.

I have been losing weight. On purpose. LOL. I have been able to see numbers on the scale I haven't seen in a long time. (they were there, but it just zoomed past them so fast!) I feel so much better, even though I have a long long way to go. I went back to Fitday and am keeping track of everything I eat. I am also doing my activities there. Its great. It gives me reports on if I am getting enough nutrients, if my intake is being burned for the day, and also lets me know how much weight I need to lose every week to meet my goal. Its helped to keep me accountable. I thought about lying once or twice, but since I am the only one that reads it, who would I be lying to? I would still know, and it wouldn't be accurate. So there. I am still posting my steps at America on the Move as well. I have been really good keeping up with both of those, which is another reason I haven't been here. They are both helping me to stay motivated. I am a member of the yahoo group of The Fat Man Walking and keep up with that too. If some 400 lb guy can walk across the United States, I can get off my fat ass and move more often. Its helping a lot, and I think its just what I needed. I know people are doing it, so it must not be impossible, right?????

I have things to do. (like homework. LOL)

God Bless, and keep me in your prayers. The job market is SCAREY!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 09, 2006

A rough day

I know part of it is the overwhelming homework, the worry about a job, money, just the normal daily stuff. School started this week, and the first day I had over 60 pages to read for the next day.
My son has seemed especially trying today. Its been one of his "talking marathon" days, which sometimes just put my teeth on edge. He will ask me the same question 5 times a day, and I will give him the same answer every time. He doesn't listen long enough to hear the answer. If I ask if he heard me, he yells "YES, I HEARD YOU!" Then 10 minutes later he will claim I never answered him. I know part of that has to do with his ADHD, but it drives me batshit.

I am a network administration major. I put a NIC in my sons' computer the other day, and got the router out today to finally get them connected. Well, I can't get it to work. Yep, I am college educated in the art of networking, and can't even network my own damn computers. Note all the cussing? I am a tiny bit irritable today.

I got out one of my old cd's to dance a bit and get some exercise in this sorry body of mine. The music was one that I used to party too. (Georgia Satelites) We used to play it during the beer drinking games, (which was the only way I could drink beer. YUCK!) Anyway, I danced to a few of the songs. It felt good. I danced with wild abandon while my son laughed at me. I didn't care. After I got pooped out, I got one of my notorious wine coolers I bought over a year ago. It tastes so lovely I may have to have another. (I still have two left.) Sometimes I miss the partying a little bit. I just wish I had someone to share my life with sometimes. Not only for me, but he could take G out fishing or something for awhile and give me break. I love my son, don't get me wrong, but there are some days where he never stops, and I have so much stress on me besides him, it gets tough for me to handle. The job thing is really stressing me out. I got my internet bill today, (which I pay every 6 months cos its cheaper that way.) and I had to pay my charge card bill. Its a disaster. A few more months and I will have my house paid off, but then the unemployment stops, so at least I will have a roof over our head, just maybe no lights or heat. Its a scary thought.

I had better close. I am tired of bitching and tired of thinking about it.

God bless, and count your blessings. I need to focus on that for awhile.