Friday, May 27, 2005

My life

I know all this doesn't matter in the big picture. In a few years, this won't even be a memory. For now, it sucks.

My neighbor came over and looked at my car today, but they were getting ready to go out so he was all dressed up nice. He said the only way to tell for sure where the radiator water is leaking is to get underneath, but he's not a mechanic, just seeing if it was going to be an easy fix. I am going to see about getting it in the shop at our little town if they even still do that kind of work. My neighbor wasn't sure. He thinks its probably the heater core, which means that the whole dashboard and everything will have to come out. Its a 1989 car, so I would hope it would be easier to work on than the newer cars. I just can't afford to go out and get something else. I called about some cars today. One person wasn't home, and the other one looked like a pieced of junk, but I thought maybe I could afford it. The lady I talked to wanted about 12 times more than I was hoping to pay, so even an ugly car is out of my reach. :(

I am afraid to touch anything. I came in the house to get me something to eat and the freezer door wouldn't shut. I felt like I was on candid camera. It wasn't blocked, I felt all around the door and it felt normal. I had my kid go get my stepmother next door. Thank God I had the foresight 3 1/2 years ago to get a new hinge for the bottom of the door when I had to replace the top one. She just started taking it apart. I learned more about how to do it than I ever cared to know, but at least it didn't cost anything to fix. We had to turn the water off, since the bottom hinge has the water going through it into the door for water and for the ice maker. We got through it, but I missed Dr. Phil. Life goes on.

I am tired of everything turning to shit. Pardon my language. It has to get better, right?

God Bless, and God Bless honest mechanics. I sure hope I can find one.


SunGrooveTheory said...

OK, I hope this post doesn't come too late, but:
Why do you suspect your radiator may be leaking?
When is the last time you checked/added water?
When is the last time you got a new thermostat?

If you do suspect your radiator, then,
you will find some stop-leak for the radiator in the autoparts store.
Since it is an '89, you might want to invest in a bottle of that (~$4.99) instead of a new radiator, and it should tide you over.

Angelize said...

Thanks. I checked all the fluids in the car, (well, most of em)and the oil was low, but not out, but the radiator looked completely dry. I filled it up, then drove around the block. I let it sit and cool off, and checked it later and the radiator was only 1/2 full. I filled it up again, the drove it around the block. I looked more in the rearview mirror than in front of me (not recommended) and there was a steady trail. A neighbor came over and glanced at it and I put more water in and he could see it come out, not by the radiator but back by the dashboard side of the engine. Could be water pump, heater core, or hopefully just a split hose. I am taking it to the shop Monday morning. (I have to drive it for 4 miles to town, so I am hoping it makes it) My b'f suggested stop leak too, but its really pouring out so I know it needs fixed permantly. I didn't want to put the stop leak in before I take it in cos I want the guy to find it easily. Thanks for the advice.
Even if I have to get the heater core replaced it would probably still be cheaper than finding another car. Take care!

SunGrooveTheory said...

Ah ha, I see.. Yes, good luck with the car!!