Monday, May 16, 2005

Grades are in

I was right. 3-B's, 1-A, and 1-C. The C could have been a lot worse, so I have to be content with that. I tried my best, and thats the best I could do. I have some other intense classes, so I will give them my all as well. The hardest part for me is the memorization. There is a lot of it, and I fried so many braincells back in the 80's that I really thought would grow back. Apparently not. :( My GPA is currently 3.25, down from the 4.0 I had before. :( Now the challenge is to get it back up as high as I can.

I bought a book on HTML when we went out Saturday. I started on it yesterday and am enjoying it a lot. My books I ordered on VB should be here in a few days. They offered free shipping, and I took it, so it will take longer. I felt the need to feed the brain so I went ahead and got the html book. It's all good. I learned how to do this, which is very basic but I think its cool. Thisas well. Of course when I was doing the tutorials I had to do some 105 and H20 just cos I could. :) My brain is not used to this much time at rest, so I am giving it some exercises to do. Next break maybe some graphic stuff. Depends on what my mood is at the time. I have PSP7 but only opened it once.

Almost time for Dr. Phil. If he isn't any good today I may just do some more html. Have an awesome day!

God Bless.

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