Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Just another day....

My car decided it didn't want to go yesterday. It started jumping around. I don't know what is up with it now. I checked the oil and it was low, but it didn't seem to make any difference. We are going to my sisters tomorrow and I asked Dad yesterday if I could borrow the truck to go see her. He said ok. Then today we were talking about it again, and he asked where I was going. I told him and he said he didn't realize I was going there. Its a couple of hours drive, and he is concerned the truck may act up. He has never mentioned any problem with it before, but now I am nervous about taking it. We are planning on leaving around 7 am, but I don't know if that will be good as far as traffic and stuff goes. I'm waiting for an email back from sister dear to see what she suggests. We are supposed to take G's golf clubs so they can go to a real driving range to hit a few.

I sure wish I knew what to expect on the roof deal as to what my financial status will be. As it looks now I will be out $1000 of my savings, which is most of it. That means I can only spend about $500 on a car, tops. Not good. If I don't get a roof, I won't have to worry about a house for too long, cos I won't have one. School starts in a couple of weeks, and now I may not have a car. Its 74 miles to school, round trip, and I will be going 4 days a week. I need something dependable. I am going to go tomorrow, have a good time, and worry about the car again Thursday. Of course, we will try to get home before dark, just in case.

Time to go. I have to get things ready to leave in the morning. God bless, and pray for a safe trip. (and the roof fairy is still needed, along with a car fairy now.) :(

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