Thursday, May 12, 2005


It felt great today not to have to study. No homework. No worries. Well, not no worries, but at least not class related. :)

Sue took me out to lunch at a nice place. She said it was to thank me for helping her throughout the semester. She is a headcase, and its a full time job to make sure she is ok. One night I got an email and she was working on logic. She said she couldn't get it and had been crying all afternoon and evening. I got offline and called her. She said she won't forget when she answered the phone, I said "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON??????" I know I get upset about classes sometimes, but I am not going to cry all day about it. Thats what tutors are for. You can use them as your whipping boy, and then feel better. LOL. Ok. I never did that, but got tutoring when I needed it. We had steak and shrimp, and an "exploding onion". Very delightful. Of course, I ate the steak and brought the shrimp and baked potato home. Half of the onion found its way in my container as well. Very delish.

She is such a headcase. We went to walmart for groceries for me, and she kept putting stuff in my cart I didn't want. She tried to get me to buy all this snack crap that we don't need, and said she was going to take something out of my cart when I wasn't looking. I bought a container of erasers since we seem to have a bunch of eraserless pencils, and she complained it was too many. How can a person have too many erasers? I thought she was done complaining. We got up to checkout. She was being very nice and quiet, so I was on my guard. When the cashier got to the erasers, she calmly looked her in the face, and said "would you please tell my friend that she is nuts for buying so many erasers? They are going to last her years!" The lady looked shocked and burst out laughing. I had this "what the hell?" look on my face first. I need to loosen up more often. I started giving her a hard time, but then I thought I had better behave cos she was driving.

Just thought I would drop a post in. I feel such freedom. Sigh. Life is brighter. Did I mention Sue is a headcase?

God Bless. and thank God for headcases to help us feel better about ourselves. :)

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