Thursday, May 26, 2005

Our Trip

We had a great time. We went to the new Lincoln museum and I was totally impressed. We had our picture taken with the Linoln Family, and it looks great. We spent over 2 1/2 hours there, and could have spent a lot more if my son would actually let us read more of the displays. My sister said she will have to go back when she isn't hurried. I thought it was very well displayed. We saw a presentation called something about Ghosts, so I was immediatley interested. It was an awesome show where an actor came out and talks to the audience about why history is important, and what types of things they find. He is dressed in period clothing, and says he is an historian with the museum. He sits down and starts telling us about why it benefits us to read history. He opens a book and a fog appears. You can hear gunfire, people talking and mumbling, and in the fog you can see soldiers fighting in the field. Over on the side you can see the ghost of Linoln and his wife. The special effects were amazing. Toward the end they did a thing about battles, and how men gave thier lives for a cause they believe in, and of course the tears start forming in my eyes and I am doing my damndest not to let them fall. I have never figured out why things like that affect me so, but I look over and my sister is wiping her eyes. I can't see it affecting anyone else like this, so why does it affect us? I told her I am bad about that, and she said she is too. I don't understand why patriotism does that to us. I thought that was an interesting to learn. There was also a time line thing that was neat. It had the line at the bottom and as it moved across the screen it showed the boundries of the states changing with the ongoing war. It was amazing to watch. They had the death toll at the side of the screen, and it started out slowly, then was flipping so fast. It is hard to imagine that many dying. It was an awesome display, and made me feel for the families who lost loved ones, and made me wonder about how many families were totally wiped out. Very awesome. I may overuse that word, but I can't think of anything better to describe it. It comes out of AWE, amazement, speechlessness.

We went to the tomb after the museum and that was interesting. I took a lot of pictures. Next was lunch and then on to the driving range. They shot about 75 balls, then on to her house to visit the dogs. She has a huge rottewiler who really intimidates me, but he is a very good dog. The fact that he could about swallow my 8 year old son in one swoop bothers me a bit. (<--------- understatement!)

It was a very enjoyable day. I would like to go back sometime and explore the Dana House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and the Lincoln Home. Maybe venture up to New Salem. G actually learned some stuff today even though he tried hard not to. He got some good bonding time with his aunt, and the huge dog actually gave the ball back to him to throw for him. I had a hard time watching that, especially when my sis let him give him a dog treat. His fingers could have been munched without Rock even noticing he had a finger sandwich. Ok, so I overreact. Maybe.

God Bless, and God Bless our soldiers and their families. War is hell. No matter what century.

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SunGrooveTheory said...

Oh, it does sound like a wonderful trip, Angelize :)