Friday, May 13, 2005


Just got done chatting with b'f. He drives me crazy sometimes. We are supposed to go out tomorrow to Red Lobster in another state. Its about an hour drive for both of us, and he lives a little over an hour from us, so its like a big triangle. We are supposed to meet at the restaurant. It normally would be no big deal. I have a "thing" with my stepmother in the morning. Its a brunch that starts at 10:30. I don't know whats planned, or what time we will leave, but I am hoping by noonish we will be on our way home. B'f doesn't have a cell phone, so there will be no contact after he leaves in the morning. He is going to take his son shopping before we get there so he can get all the expensive shoe places out of the way.

We agreed to meet at 2:30. I told him if we weren't there by 3, go ahead and get a table, but get one for 4 just in case we are just late. He said, *We will just wait. " I said again, if we are over 1/2 hour late, go ahead. Just in case something happens. Then he said, "aren't you planning on coming????" Ok. How stupid would I be to pass up a free meal at Red Lobster? Of course I am planning on being there. My father has been in real bad health. What if he drops dead? What if my 1989 car decides it isn't in the mood to go anywhere? What if my tires are flat? I have no way to contact b'f, who would be in another state, sitting in the parking lot for 3 hours. Dumb ass. He said I could always call the restaurant and give them a message. I asked him what good would that do if they were in the parking lot? "o" he says. (No capitalization, or h, and that drives me crazy as well) He said they would go inside and sit in the air conditioning. Sheesh.

I hate having people wait on me. It makes me hurry, unnecesarily at times, or make stupid mistakes cos I don't want to let anyone down. Even a dumbass b'f. Then, he had the nerve to tell me I am like Sue, worrying too much. Ok, maybe I don't want to be responsible for someone sitting in the parking lot for 3 f'in hours cos they are too stupid to go in and eat. I hope I cool down by tomorrow. It just grates on my nerves sometimes. I have no doubt if we don't show up till 4, he will still be within 100 feet of Red Lobster, with a whining mad kid. He will have this hurt look on his face, wondering if I had to stop and screw someone on the way over, and thats why I would be late. That would be the only reason he could think of. I am getting madder. I had better just go to bed.

God Bless, and please pray for my lousy attitude. I need it.

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