Friday, May 06, 2005

3 down, 2 to go!

I just got the final done for Strategies. Its worth 100 points, and an extra 20 if we turn it in my today. (I got it done 24 hours ahead of my deadline) It wasn't actually due till the 11th, but its OVER! I feel relieved. It was a boring paper with 5 different sections, so I tastefully added a little clipart. I hope that is ok. They can be such sticklers for detail. Some of it was our opinion type stuff, so I didn't think he would mind a little informality. Besides, if everyone just writes it real plain, he will be bored silly.

I should be in bed. I thought since all I have to do now is study for my finals, I would try to get the 2nd monitor hooked up. I have always wanted to try it, but I don't think my desk is big enough. There is also the electrical limitations to consider as well. I brought my old one in here. Very excited to try it. I thought my speaker wires were going to snap by getting slammed into the sides of the desk, so I put it back in the other room. :(

I had the oddest dream last night. It was one of those sexy type dreams. I can't mention it to my b'f for obvious reasons, since it wasn't him, but also because I think I have convinced him I don't have those type of feelings ever since my hysterectomy. Anyway, I called a guy yesterday about giving me an estimate on a new porch roof. He was the sexy man in my dream. He had shaved his head the last time I saw him, so thats the way he looked in my dream. Just like a 5:00 shadow on his head. I could see the want in his eyes. Bad thing is, he is married and was married in my dream. I can even be responsible (to a certain extent) in my dreams, cos nothing happened, but I could feel the steam. His wife came in yelling at him, wanting to know why he was spending so much time here, and he has a family at home to take care of. She was a bitch in my dream, but I would have been too. Anyway, he showed up today to give me the estimate. He had hair. I have only met him maybe 3 times the whole 8 years I have lived here. He wasn't near as mysterious standing in my yard as he was in my dream. Thats for the best. All I need is to have real life fantasies about married men.

It will cost me all my savings to get the porch replaced, and I am not happy about that. It will be metal so the coons won't have any way to get in it. My savings really isn't savings, its set aside to transfer for my house payments so I can stay ahead of my bills. I won't have that to fall back on, and its been a life saver. Its nice being able to pay all my bills every month. The porch has to be fixed though. I have heard people talk about getting their roof replaced by an agency that paid for all the costs for low income families. I called around today and can't find anything. I emailed my ex pastor to see if he knew of any, but haven't heard back yet. The rest of my roof is real bad, and he said if its not leaking yet, it will be in less than a year probably. If the sheeting doesn't need replaced, it will be between $8000 and $10,000. WAHHHHHHHHHHHH! I don't have a drop of that money. My dad said I may have to take out a loan. Who is going to give me a loan when I have no job???????? I think that part alone is quite a hurdle.

I better get to bed. God Bless, and pray that the roof fairy flies over and zaps my roof with her heavy duty repair wand. Thanks.

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