Monday, May 30, 2005


Even though it was not a work day, it was still Monday. B'f spent the night last night since he didn't have plans for the day. No point in him sitting home feeling sorry for himself. We just got back a bit ago from Madagascar. It was ok, but not as good as I had hoped. We would have gotten home sooner, but his car wouldn't start after the show. He has never had that happen before, and my mind was working on what we could do. No good to try to get back here, since I have no vehicle unless I borrow my dad's, but then we would have to either try to get his car started, or take him to his town over an hour away and then he would have to figure out how to get to work and back tomorrow and how to get his car later. None of them good suggestions. After trying for 1/2 hour, I suggested going in the theater and asking if anyone knew a car place to call, but he finally opened the hood and started checking around. It was a loose connection, and then it started right up. Thank God. He is on his way home now.

We tried to go to the show earlier, but it was sold out. G was crying because he wanted to go NOW!!!!!! He is so pitiful when he is like that, but I told him we would go tonight. Then the car trouble, but at least thats overwith. We got my car to the shop this morning, and they are going to check it out tomorrow. Pray for good news. I am praying for a hose. I hope I didn't damage the engine with the test drives I took it on before I realized it was a water problem. (or rather "lack of water problem")

My dad is having a heart cath done in the morning. I sure hope this helps him. He is tired of it. He is tired of doctors, surgery, pills, having trouble breathing, etc. He told me he is ready to go. I know it has to be exhausting. He can't hardly walk 10 feet some days without getting winded. He is tired of hauling the oxygen around with him. They are supposed to leave for Branson on Sunday and I hope they still get to go. They need it. My stepmother said they laugh and have a great time while they are there and they both need it badly. Dad and I have definitely had our differences, but I will miss him horribly when he goes, but I hate to see him miserable too. He has a number of health issues, the heart being only one. He has pulminary fibrosis, diabetes, had a quintuple bypass years ago, and has a bad temper to boot. Not a good mix. They are leaving at 5 am and we get to dogsit. The dog hasn't been acting quite himself lately, and my stepmother says she doesn't think he is feeling well. GREAT! Something else to worry about. He misses them real bad when they are gone, and will spend most of the day looking for them, when he isn't sleeping. If they get to go on vacation next week, he will be a basket case. He gets real depressed. I keep trying to tell them he is just a dog, but he is their baby.

God Bless, and keep my dad, my car, and your loved ones in your prayers. Maybe say a good word to the Man upstairs for me too. Thanks.

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