Saturday, April 30, 2005

Its Saturday night.....

My sister came down to get some more benches that my dad is making. He does a great job and they are sooooooo cute. He sells them real cheap, and she has sold a bunch for him at work. She picked up 20 today, and had to help him with the last 8. He hasn't been feeling well at all, but I think it helps him to have a purpose when he has a project.

B'f and his son came over today. We went and saw Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I think it sucked. So did the rest of my party. And it was my stupid idea to go. I felt bad that we wasted the money. I couldn't admit to his son that I HATED it, because he didn't want to go in the first place. I am glad he didn't catch me napping in a couple of parts. I can't recommend this movie at all.

We went to the park after the movie. B'f son was soooooooooo bored. (like usual). Then he was bored at the park. Then he was bored while we drove around the lake. Then he was bored when we stopped at the hardware store. (sometimes I love causing him pain like that. I am hoping it makes him grateful when he gets to do things like go to the park!). I got a bigger George Foreman grill, so we stopped and got stuff for burgers for dinner. I started those, and b'f went out and started putting stuff on the porch roof to keep the coons out. Its called hardware cloth, which I think is an odd name. Its like chicken wire only heavy duty, and in squares instead of octagons. We almost got it completely done, when they guy I bought the house off of was walking by with his son. While we were chatting, I heard the coons cooing in the porch roof again. B'f had brought some firecrackers with him intending to set them off in the house to scare them out, but I said no since I hadn't heard them in over a week. Well, they are still there. Now they have less of a way to get out. He went ahead and lit the firecrackers in the house so now it stinks, and I didn't see them go out anywhere. I went out on the porch and beat the roof with a broom and heard at least one running around up there. I just want to cry. We rented movies we didn't get to watch, to chase coons around the attic. He set the trap up there for me, but if it goes off tonight, I will have to find someone tomorrow to come over and take it out. I hope we catch something. I just want them out of there.

I guess I will try to go to bed. God Bless.

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