Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I am a backslider

Its been about 4 days since I did my exercises. I have danced around a bit, but not as strenous and not as long as I would be doing the tapes for. I thought about counting it anyway, but would only be lying to myself, and I hate to be lied to. I can feel myself sliding into more depression again, and I don't like it. I need to just keep on keepin on, instead of stopping the self improvement thing. I am so overwhelmed with school right now. 5 Weeks and we get a break for about a month. YAY!

I found out yesterday I may need to take 2 more math classes. I am going to talk to my advisor tomorrow (if possible) and see if I really have to take both or just one for my major. I pray its just one. I had a helluva time with algebra last time.

I have a career paper due Sunday night. It has to be about 4-6 pages. I finally got my research part done tonight. Now I just have to read it all and get the paper done. I started a page with just random paragraphs to be formed into a 4 page paper. Its not much, but its a start. 3 1/2 pages to do and it will be done! Now if I can just fit it in with the other 4 assignments due by Sunday, it will be great!

I was hoping to have my sister all to myself while she is here, but she called my dad and now there is a family picnic planned. :( No more than we get to see her, I hate to share. She is smart, pretty, makes damn good money, smart, pretty, cute boyfriend, nice house, cute, smart, has her own Harley, and she is smart and pretty besides. She even posed for an art class nude when she was in her 30's. Crap. I don't even like to have to get naked to take a shower. Maybe in another life I will have a body I like. I don't even flirt anymore cos I am afraid they will think I don't know how homely I am, and take me seriously.

God Bless, and be nice to homely people. They need love to.

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