Saturday, April 09, 2005

Another Saturday night.....

and I ain't got nobody, I got some money cos I just got paid. ladedadeda. Thats a song. I have someone, but might as well not. I don't have any money either, so the whole first part is a bold faced lie. Oh well. I like the song anyway.

Still no exercise tapes. I have to get back in the groove. Badly. B'f came over today, and my son fixed dinner. He has been wanting to make homemade pizza, which he has never done before. I bought a canned pizza dough, sauce, 2 kinds of cheese, and pepperoni last night, so I supervised him tonight. It turned out real well, and he was real proud. I rarely ever let him cook anything. B'f raved about how good it was, so that was great. We went to the State Park nearby and went on a trail. It seemed easier to walk that than it does walking around campus, but we walked a lot farther today. I need to take the pedometer with me to school again and check it out. Its been awhile, and now I know where I am going. Usually. LOL. I hate that campus. Whoever decided round would be the way to go never had to go there, thats for sure.

I still have to 4-6 page paper due. I guess thats what I will be doing all day tomorrow. I got everything else done on time, but I have another outline due Monday, and a test first thing Monday morning I need to study for. I will get it done, because I have to. I really am not looking forward to doing the paper, but I won't like it till I find out how he likes it. Thats the way it is. I feel I am not objective enough, or too hard on myself until I get someone else's opinion. Its a shame I care so much about what others think.

I had a meeting with G's teacher Thursday. I told her of my fears with him. He is trying so hard to tell the truth, and then they still have a hard time believing him. I don't blame them. I can't always tell either, but he is trying. I told her what he said that the other teacher said, about "the incident" probably being his fault since he gets in trouble so much more than the other kid. She said she hadn't heard that, but would talk to the other teacher. I just don't want him getting a bad rep while he is really working on it. She said he is doing so much better than he was the first of the year. She has seen some maturity to him, and thats a good thing. We talk about his behavior quite a bit. Me and G. He knows what is acceptable, and what isn't. He is learning why. Some areas are a little gray to him, but I am just trying to make it clearer. I love him so much, I just want it all to be easier for him, and I don't want teachers cringe when they find out he is in their class.

Time to call it a night. God Bless, and pray for teachers, and those who think they know everything already. :)

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