Sunday, April 03, 2005


I rarely ever dream, or at least remember my dreams. Sometimes I think it is due to exhaustion that I don't dream more. I have always been a very poor sleeper, and I think that effects my dreams. Although last night I went to bed around 11:30, I was still up at 3:15, changed the clocks, checked email, played a few games, and went back to bed around 4:30. It doesn't usually do me any good just to lay there, because I get frustrated I can't get back to sleep. Anyway, between 4:30 and 8 this morning I had two dreams. Here goes:

The first dream I recall, we were driving down the highway around a big city somewhere. We were in my car, the beat up, hardly any paint, car. The wind was horrific, and as we were driving along car hoods were blowing up in the wind, and breaking backwards over the cars, turning some of the cars into toylike objects blowing around. Cars were smashing into buses, other cars, etc. It was like driving through a mine field of flying cars. It was a mired mess, and just before that dream quit, I looked at the hood of my car and it was twitching a little, but we were still plugging along against the awful awful wind.

Dream #2: We (and I am not sure who the "we" is in either dream, because I can remember being with someone or more than one, and even speaking to them, but never seeing who it [or they] are) are touring an old victorian home that is selling crafts. Every room is decorated in a theme and has victorian stuff for sale. I have been in some houses like this in real life, and they always send a feeling of wealth to me. I asked the lady in the front part of the house if there was a restroom I could use. She was extremely pleasant, and seemed to enjoy her job really well. She gave me directions to the home bathroom, so away we went. I went through the dining room, and there were people sitting at the table just chatting. One of the ladies looked very snooty, and there was a vibe of definate untrustfulness aimed at me. She didn't like me from the get go. I viewed her as a snob of the worst kind. She asked where I was going and what I thought I was doing. I told her I was trying to locate the bathroom, and she kind of harummmmmphed, like she didn't want me to go there, and sure didn't trust me not to steal something. I finally found the bathroom, and it was one of the low ones that doesn't hardly use any water. It had overflowed all over the floor, and was a disaster. I went back out to tell them and felt better because even though she was such a snotty bitch, her toilet was screwed up just like everyone elses can be, and there was no pretending it wasn't. That was it.

They both disturbed me, so I thought if I wrote about them they would be gone from my mind. This is a great way to unload.

God bless, and sweet dreams.

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