Monday, April 11, 2005

Who needs sleep anyway?

Last night was a sleeping disaster. I was trying to go to bed. Really. I don't recall if I mentioned the problems I have with my house or not. I love my house. It has a few problems, but its mine. There is a problem with the roof. No obvious holes on top or anything, but the way it was constructed, the porch roof is "built into" the house roof part. The rafters extend out the front, and that is the porch roof. I know I didn't explain that very well. Anyway, my porch roof is falling apart. For every place we find and patch, another one opens up. The reason they open up, is because raccoons like to reside in my attic without a thank you, reservation, or anything. Of course, this drives me totally insane. The thought of them getting out the attic somehow and running rampant through the house fills me with such fear, I know to others I seem irrational. (after 2 1/2 hours of sleep last night, I look irrational and feel like I just walked out of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre or something). I have been assured that there is no way they can get in the house, but these are the same people who can't figure out how they are getting in the attic. They get inbetween the ceiling in the living room and the floor of the bedroom, and run around like crazy. I, of course, beat on the ceiling with a broom handle trying to scare them outside. The ceiling in my living room has little spots all over it that are indentions of the broom handle. It looks like hell now, and its a reminder all the time that there are critters that have access to parts of my house whenever they want it. It must have been about 1 am as I was trying to sleep that I heard "it." I did the broom thing. No help. My kid won a prize for selling crap for school that has a siren/alarm/PA system on it. (a hat that has 2 drink holders on it with a giant straw so you can drink out of either side) While this great prize usually has no battery, and stays out of my sight, it was placed strategically in the living room, fresh battery, and could be heard blasting in one of the 8 different blast sounds this morning. It sure got it running, and after about an hour it quieted down. I left the light on, thinking that if it got out of the attic and in the house that it wouldn't go in a lighted room. (I was desperate for sleep, and thought it couldn't hurt.) So, I am sleeping away, for about an hour, when the power goes out. I was alerted when the UPS from the computer started its infernal beeping that is loud enough to wake the neighbors and their children who don't even live at home anymore. I got up, shut the computer off, lit candles, tried to call the 800 number to the electric company from my cheap little cell phone and find out I can't because there is a restriction on it, (first I knew of that) so I had to call from the only other phone in the house that doesn't depend on electricity, and then sat watch. I finally remembered the little clock that has an alarm and hunted it down. I get it set by flashlight, and by this time its a little after 4. The power came blazing back on at 5:07. I roll over, go back to sleep, and the alarm blasts again at 5:30. Time to get up from my restful sleep and start the day. I have to go to school. I have a test. I have to get my summer schedule lined out. I have to get my unemployment paper turned in so I can get paid. I have to get my sons prescription filled so he doesn't get kicked out of the second grade. I hope the rest of the week doesn't go in the same vein.

God bless, and have a great week. (and please pray that the raccoons can find a quieter place to live. I plan on making it pretty miserable for them here.)

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