Saturday, April 23, 2005


Tonight we went and saw Fever Pitch with Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon. I found it quite enjoyable, but I have a problem with advertising of movies today. I kept looking for the scene where they are in the bar and she makes the comment that its just a game. It wasn't in there. I didn't go get popcorn, go to the bathroom, I didn't even take a nap (this time) but it wasn't in there. I hate when they advertise parts that aren't even in the final cut. They did the same thing in The Incredibles when they ran the trailer about Mr. Incredible trying to get his belt on. I was looking forward to it, and it wasn't there. I think it should be considered false advertising, and shouldn't be allowed. I realize that its just an ad for the movie, but when they show funny parts I think they should be in the final cut. Thats my opinion. I give Fever Pitch a thumbs up.

My uncle loaned us Ladder 49, and we watched it before and after we went to the theatre. It was an excellent movie, but so terribly sad. If I would have thought it didn't have a happy ending I would have watched it by myself. I try to only watch truly sad movies when I really need a cry.

I finally got some sleep last night. I didn't hear anything coming from the attic. We got a real cold snap tonight, so "it" may come back. I sure hope not. I called a licensed animal control guy and its not cheap to get them out. It would cost me about $65 for him to come out and set traps, then $20 for every one that is caught. If its a mom and babies, it could be over $100 when we catch them. He said they usually have 5 or 6 babies. I am really hoping they are gone. I went to bed 11ish and didn't wake up till 7:30. YAY! I don't know when the last time was I slept that long. I even took a nap today. The swelling in my legs even went down, and I feel better.

We had the high school geek fest yesterday, and I really had a good time. It was nice bonding with some of my classmates. One of the perks was we got a t shirt that matched the ones all the highschoolers got. I wore mine today. One of the guys doing drinks at the show commented that he was there yesterday too. He was one of the kids. He said he had a good time, and his team won for taking a computer apart. I was pleased. I think a lot of people enjoyed themselves. I saw one of the teachers that taught high school when I was there. Life isn't fair. She is retiring this year and looks as young and attractive as she did when I was in high school. That was about 28 years ago. Thats not fair at all. Her husband is now a principal around here somewhere and he is retiring too. I think thats great and wish them well.

I am going to go and give this sleep thing another try. Its nice when I can get the hang of it and actually stay in bed.

God bless, and tell those you love that you do. Sometimes they might forget.

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