Monday, April 11, 2005

Google it!

I was messing around before class and googled Angelize. I was on page 4. I thought that was pretty good. I was shocked before when I googled a screen name on a message board that I used and one of my posts showed up. I learned then that you can google just about anything. I googled SunGrooveTheory, and she was the only one that popped up. I can't imagine that she is the only one. (wink wink) It was fun while it lasted.

I got my assignment done tonight and turned in with 1 1/2 hours to spare. I was sweating it. I hated to wait till today to do it, but I didn't have a lot of choice. I have an assignment to do tomorrow, and a test to study for for Wednesday. Someone gave me the answers to the assignment due tomorrow. I didn't even look at them. I want to learn it, and I can't do it that way. She was trying to be nice, so I took them, said thanks, then filed them in my backpack. Of course, I should have been very noble and either told her "no thanks" or thrown them away when I got home, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, well, just in case I get stuck. Maybe. I think its just a comfort to know its there. At least I don't have to do a project this time. Just write some code (EEK!) and answer some questions.

I am going to try to go to bed. The adrenalin trying to get that stupid outline done and the quiz taken wouldn't let me go to sleep yet. I am winding down, and can almost feel my head touch the nice cushiony pillow. I played one of my cd's (Billy Squire, of course I had to dance my way out the door when I left. LOL) today while I was at school full blast so hopefully there are no critters in the attic again. Hopefully the power will stay on and I can turn the tv up so I don't hear them if they are there.

God bless.

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