Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Well, its here. :D It is soooooooooo much faster than my old computer. (Thats why I can put so many vowels in the title. ;) ) The UPS guy got here at 4:00. I waited all day, and he gets here at 4. :( I had to pick the kid up at 5, so it didn't give me much time. I had it set up and turned on. I was playing a game of spider on it just to see how it moved. Pretty good for 45 minutes from box to desk to game. LOL

I got it online after we got back and wow. The connection isn't any faster of course, but this baby can fly. I am getting it more and more to be my own. Yahoo messenger was the first thing. B'f would think I was up to something if that wasn't a priority.

When I would click a button on the other computer, it was sooo slow. It was trying to decide if I really meant it or not I think. This one almost does it before I click. I wasn't sure if I was going to have trouble with the printer or scanner but I bit the bullet and got my paperwork out on the printer. I got everything set up, the disk in the drive, hooked up the usb cable, sat down to go through the screens like the paper said, and a note popped up and said new hardware was found and installed. Of course, being a skeptic I had to try it. OH MY It is beautiful. I had the printer on parallel port on my old one, but tried the 2.0 usb cable on this one. Amazing. Of course, it didn't detect the scanner. Probably a driver issue. It will have to wait.

I have ton o homework again. Another outline and quiz due Monday for business. There may not be a quiz cos there is a test for chapter 1-4. I'm not going to look. I don't really want to know. I have 2 quizzes Monday for my classes on campus, and one wants us to do an online quiz too. For both classes we have to read the next chapter and answer the questions. I swear in these textbooks they don't believe in anything less than 30 pages with ultra tiny print. :( I know where my weekend will be spent. Plus my other 2 classes have work due Sunday and Tuesday. I sure wish I didn't have to waste my time tomorrow going to the dr. Its an hour drive one way, and no telling how long I will have to wait once I get there. I am going to take a book for sure.

I need to get to bed. I am beat. I got the calendar back on the computer. I missed that a lot. I got roboform back, and a new weather thingie. Its 29ยบ right now. :D

Kiss the family, count your blessings, and God Bless

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