Monday, January 03, 2005

One more day...

till I get my books. I am anxious to see them. Classes start next week. One of the books is a computer hardware book, so maybe it can help with my modem problem. I am on the boys computer till I get mine back online again. It really sucks.
I just got done talking with the b'f. We were talking about books and reading. He keeps saying he hasn't read a book in years and seems very proud of that fact. That is one reason he is so boring. He said he doesn't have time. I read in the bathroom. Its quiet and I am alone in there. My son asks me what takes me so long in there. I usually tell him I was in the middle of a chapter. LOL I am trying to get him interested in reading as well. I don't want him to see it as a chore, which he sometimes does. I try to read as much fiction as I can, to take me away from lifes daily worries and fears. It's nice to escape from time to time.
Thats it for me tonight. I got off my dead butt and cleaned some house today. Have a good night and better tomorrow. God Bless.

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