Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Getting cranky....

I typed a nice entry in my blog today about waiting for my new computer which should be here any minute. I am getting cranky. After I submitted the blog, it went to an error message about page not being able to be displayed. Grrrrrrrrrrrr

I then called customer service about the sump pump I had bought. I complained about no instructions, and he said that the stores they sell to are do-it-yourselfer stores so everybody that needs one pretty much is smart enough to figure it out. I hate being called a dumbass. He said everything I need to know is on the box. Well, on the box is shows a pump sitting on the basement floor pumping water out of the basement. Gee, thats why I bought it. THEN DON'T PUT THE FREAKIN PICTURE ON THE BOX IF IT WASN'T MEANT TO PUMP OUT THE BASEMENT BY SITTING ON THE FLOOR!!!!!!!! He said I should have bought a different kind. I was thinking "yeah, from a different company, with information actually included!" If I would have known the water had to get a foot deep for the pump to work, I wouldn't have bought it. I even opened the box in the store to see if it said anything, and it didn't. The only paper was a warranty. I checked the website when I got home, and the instructions were N/A for my model. Figures. If the water gets that deep, it would probably fry my furnace. I disconnected the float so I can plug it in when I need it on, and unplug it when it doesn't need to run. He was like "thats not a real good idea" . Well, its either risk burning the pump up or the furnace. I would rather sacrifice the stupid pump. Next time it looks like Home Depot will get my business. He said what disturbed him was that the employee that helped me knew nothing about them either. I personally don't think they should have to know everything they deal with. They should just have to deal with reputable companies that put information in the box. What harm would come from writing a little instruction for it? It shouldn't take very much if every dumbass in America knows how to use it except for me. I guess this way they don't have to honor the warranty since it says the instructions have to be abided by for the warranty to be valid. They stink. There. I guess that told them. (I am sooooooooo mean!) I am never buying a pump from STAR WATER SYSTEMS again. <---shameless antiplug (if thats a word)

I have to go to the dr. on Thursday for the carpal tunnel thing. Again. Same dr. I saw last time. I don't understand why I need to go, but the attorney thinks I should, so therefore, I will go. Cuts down on homework time, which I need to be getting back to. I just had to let off some steam about the STUPID star water system company.

Back to my outline in Intro to Business. (btw, I got 100% on my quiz in network yesterday, but I had to guess on 2 of them, and I got 100% on my computer logic homework. YAY!!!!!) Ok, back to the grindstone. :(

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