Thursday, January 13, 2005


I took my car to Midas today. They are good people there. I called and Jim said he thought he knew what the problem was. Just drop in he says. So, I drive 30 miles to drop in. Ten minutes later, car is running like a charm, not dying, and they didn't charge me for the fix. Of course, it may not be the best way to go, but for now its the cheapest for me. They unplugged the torque converter thingie. The word clutch was in there somewhere too. Ok, so I am not a car person. My car is blue, and thats the important thing, besides it running now. :))))))) Life is good. Bless them all at Midas.
B'fs eyes are still doing great. The dr. told him that he could go back to work today, and surprisingly he stayed home. Usually if the doors are open, he is there. But he sounds great, and is still so totally amazed. He said he never saw a lot of the things in his house in a long time, and was real embarrassed that I had seen his house looking that way. It wasn't awful, but it was worse than he thought it was. I get creeped out from all the bugs, and won't let him do laundry at my house anymore. Not after it cost me $200 to get rid of the bugs. Ewwwwww
Classes are going to be tough. The computer hardware one is going to be pretty easy I think. The networking one is rough. I start reading and my eyes glaze over, and if I put it down for a minute, and pick it up, I read about 3 paragraphs before it dawns on me that I read them once already. I will have to devote a lot of time to that class. Of course, I have to fit all the others in as well. Another challenge. One that needs to be conguered (she says bravely while pulling up her bootstraps) hahaha.
I am so happy for b'f. My prayers have been so grateful for everything to be grateful for. I thank God for the joy of sight, for the birth of my son, for a car that runs, for all the rain thats going to wash away my house. It has to be good for something. Maybe if it floats away then the insurance will get me another one, maybe that is God's plan. Or my wishful thinking. Ah well, life is good. I don't have to go back to class till Wednesday, so I can get my classes all caught up. There is one or two classes I can get ahead on a bit if I have time before I go back. Another snoozing chapter of my networking textbook has to be read by Wednesday. Ton o' acronyms!
The attorneys secretary called me this evening and the insurance company wants me to see a company dr. again. Turns out its the same one I saw for them last May. She asked me what tests I had ran, and I couldn't remember the acronym for it. Now, if she would have asked me what NOS was, or CSMA/CD I could have told her. I finally remembered it was an EMG. I remember how much it hurt. I don't want to ever have to do that again. I just want this finished. I told the sec. that its the same dr. that they sent me to, but since the attorney is out of the office till the 24th, and the appt is the 27th, she said to get everything ready like I am going, and plan on it just in case. I think its a waste of time. I know its important, and if approved, it could pay my house off, and pay for another oil change for the old crate of bolts. :)
If I ever win the lottery, I want a Stang. :) No one expects to hear that from me. Practical, practical practical me. We each have our "other" side, and my other side wants a flashy car with electric everything and a sound system to blow my socks off. It wouldn't be fitting I don't think to have my Manilow playing that loud. I would have to dust off the old Motley Crue cds.
I just feel giddy right now. I have lost 3 lbs, and I feel better already. Life is good.
Kiss the babies, tell the ones you love, that you do, and ask God to bless the good people at Midas. ;) Time to hit the books.
I would also like to thank Kicknit for the encouragement. Its very appreciated. Its nice to know there is a voice in the darkness. God Bless.

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