Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Good News!

I went to the unemployment office today to talk to my case manager and get everything done for school. We had to go the mileage thing and get all the other paperwork done. Since I live so far away from the school, I qualify for a different program than some. Most get 10 cents a mile but if you live over 25 miles away, and its 25 miles farther than you used to drive to work, its .405 cents a mile. Mine is going to be a chunk. Good thing for them I only have to go to campus 2 days a week. Its going to be almost $30 every day that I go. Hopefully I can use some of the money to keep the durn thing running. I took Dad's truck today cos the weather was getting rough and I didn't want to have to worry about the car dying in traffic. It's so handy with them living next door. I had a dr. appt about my hand this afternoon, and in that office you never know how long you will have to wait. My son knows if for any reason I am not home when he gets off the bus, he is to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house. That's saved me a lot of worry. I can't believe I am going to get that much for gas. For the whole semester, if I don't miss any days it will be about $950. Thats a chunk of change. I also found out the grant money should be available the end of this month. Thats great! I can afford to take the car to another shop and see if its worth fixing. I just have to be dirt poor for a few more weeks, then I will be able to party down. Heck, we may even rent a movie, instead of the kid dusting off some we just haven't seen in awhile. :D At least the finances will be less of a worry for me and I can concentrate on school. I called the propane company today and told them I just don't have my payments right now, but will catch them up within the next month or two. She was very nice and thanked me for calling and letting them know. I didn't want to think I was just letting it slide and not going to pay it. Heat is too important in this weather. My basement is flooded bad too. RAIN RAIN RAIN. Its coming in almost as fast as I can pump it out. I priced sump pumps today and I can get a decent one for about $85 I think. I need it in case the one I have decides not to start again. The water almost got up into the furnace. Not a good thing.
I am so glad things are looking up for me. Maybe I can sleep tonight. Well, I will have to set an alarm to get up and check the basement. I slept about 3 straight hours this morning and the water was high again. If it ever dries out enough I want to get it set back up where the burned out one is so it will work automatically. This manuel stuff sucks in this weather.
Have a great night, hug those babies, and say a prayer for me and mine. New classes next week, and I am a little nervous. EEK! I want to do well. God Bless

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Kicknit said...

I'm so glad to hear things are looking up. I wish only the best wishes for you as you move forward in your journey.