Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Crisis abated (for now)

Well, the first day is behind me. Its definitely going to be a challenge. All 5 classes the first assignment is reading the first chapter. Some are over 30 pages long, and due tomorrow. I got all my web stuff caught up last night. Now I get to read about 60 pages, take notes,and answer questions by tomorrow. I am taking 2 books with me to the surgery, although I won't get much reading done. The b'f expects to be babied, and that is my intention. I feel very selfish in that when we get back to his house, I hope he goes to sleep so I can study. He will need to sleep off the rest of the anesthesia, and it will probably be good for him. He has been nervous about this, and probably hasn't been getting much rest.
I found out my networking instructor is referred to as the "Quiz Nazi" and it seems to be a well deserved title. He said that it will take a week or two for us to quit asking if we are having a quiz, but instead asking what is on the quiz. I also heard that you can learn a lot from him, and that is what I want to do. He said we are going to make a cable we can keep, and with it I will be able to hook my computer and my son's together for free. Its been a pita since his won't print well, and mine can't get online for now. I have been using my jump drive to transfer files so I can print them on mine, but now the mouse quit on mine. :( Its not just the mouse, its the mouse port. I bought an external modem yesterday and installed it, and bam, no mouse port. It sits dark in the corner. And I still can't get online. :( Thats what I am going to school for. Only next time I hope its one somebody else screwed up instead of me. Hahaha I am going to take it over to a friends house tomorrow after I get out of school and see if he can work some magic on it.
Tiime to run. Have a great day, and God Bless.

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