Thursday, January 20, 2005

It's on its way

I just checked on my new computer. Its at testing right now, and they should ship it by Tuesday. Which means I should get it by Thursday. YAY!!!!!! I am a teeny bit excited. <----------((((trying to act nonchalant and cool). Today was my first no pop day. I even went for a drive and didn't stop and get a drink. :) I had about 4 cups of coffee so I don't go through withdrawals, but maybe I can start weaning myself down there too. I am hoping I can sleep better. I was up most of the night. At 4 am I was playing gamecube. I have soooooooo much homework, but my eyes hurt enough that I wouldn't be able to concentrate on it, but who cares if my dragon dies a few extra times. LOL I got my Sunday homework done. On to the next outline for business class. I worked on trying to memorize acronyms all the way to town and back. I finally got a few of them down. There are TONS but I am concentrating on the ones he said were most important. I have to learn the OSI model layers, numbers and functions for the quiz Monday too. It sounds awful when I type it like that. Then, my computer logic class is due Tuesday, but it doesn't look too bad. A lot of reading.
Well, it's going to be a short one tonight. I need to get my beauty rest so I can feel refreshed and awake in the morning.
Say your prayers, and let someone know you care. God Bless.

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