Wednesday, January 19, 2005

May it rest in peace.....

Well, I called the computer guy. He has never seen a computer act like mine is acting. I could hear taps playing in the background I think. He was giving me the "it had a long happy life, and I am shocked it worked at all with all the crap you have on it. Ok, he didn't say crap, he has too much class for that. He used the term "programs" Such a gentleman. I like gadgets. Especially free ones. He is going to play with it a few more days and see what he can figure out. I need something dependable for school, so........I ORDERED ME A NEW DELL TONIGHT!!!!!!!! I don't know whether to laugh of cry. I got a great deal, so thats a good thing. I don't get my grant till next month so thats a bad thing. I have never had a new computer, so thats a good thing. I can't afford it, so thats a bad thing. Its got DVD, Windows Xp, and other assorted goodies I have been wanting, so thats a good thing. My dad, who hates when I spend a dime even suggested it. My b'f said GREAT when I told him, and Sue emailed back an "its about time you did something for yourself, you deserve it" speech. Crap. The money thing though.... Oh well, you can't take it with you. It sure would be nice to have some to get you through this life though. I should have it by the end of next week, I hope hope hope hope hope. I am just a teensy bit excited. :))))))))) (me with all my chins. LOL)
I am giving up pop as a necessity and only using it as a treat. I finally took the plunge. I almost stopped at the store today, but toughed it out. Water is on the agenda now. I will still have coffee so I don't get the caffiene withdrawal headaches. Those are the worst. I bet I could save enough money in a year on pop to pay for the new computer.... ok, well maybe not. (trying to validate my decision. I will think of something to make me feel guilt free, at least on occasion)
Off to bed for me, so I can dream about watching DVD's on my bigger monitor. Ain't technology great????
Kiss the babies. God Bless.

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Kicknit said...

I know it's a difficult decision to spend money on a new computer, and it puts a strain on the budget. Just keep in mind that the purchase was to make your life better because you are going to use it for school.