Sunday, January 02, 2005

A Noneventful Day....

I didn't accomplish anything today. No laundry, no dishes, no cleaning of any kind. I got dressed, fed me and the kid, watched tv, read some, and had my son read some stories to me. I played gamecube again for about an hour. The b'f came online, and I didn't even feel like talking to him. 2 days of being with him was just too much.
I went to a website today, It really looks interesting. Hard to do I think, but life changing if I could commit to it. I started downloading the sermons and will put them on cd. One of the sermons is on laziness, so that would be a good one for me. I think if I get more active, I will want to be more active. I'm thinking about not buying any more pop for me at home. Its all sugar free, but I depend on it too much. I decided to start drinking only water in the evening so I don't have the caffiene late anyway. I am such a lousy sleeper I figure it can only help. Geeeeeeeeesh, does this sound like resolutions? I quit smoking on January 12th of 2000. It wasn't a resolution, I had just got my mindset and did it. I knew I was going to do it that time. Here I am 5 years later, almost to the day, and haven't had a puff since. I remember the last drag. 5:26 am. It was a Wednesday. Not that I miss it. :( Ok, so I still do from time to time. (Miss it, not have a drag. ) I want to prepare myself to start this. I don't know how many times I tried to quit smoking, but the last time I just "knew" that was going to be it. I want it to be that way with the getting in better shape stuff.
This is going to be short. I am tired. Count your blessings and kiss your babies. God Bless.

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