Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Wanted: Dream interpretation

I awoke yesterday morning from a nightmare. It just came back while I was getting ready for school.

I was sitting in math class, and the instructor was showing us some stuff on the calculator on the overhead. (I never saw the teacher, but I could hear her, and see her hands and the calc on the screen.) She was telling us how important the X key was, and was telling us that this part was extremely important: You push the -1 key, then the X key to make the - disappear, and the 1 would disappear with it. You can't see its there, but its terribly important, and can make a big difference in every equation. I kept pushing buttons on my calculator, but it wasn't working. I was searching frantically for the X key, which looked like a Y7 key, and not an X at all, but thats what she called it. She kept going on about how important this was. My mind was working thinking what would happen if I am in the real world doing real things with my calculator, and I used that -1 key X key function by mistake??? Everything could be wrong. You can't check to see if its there, because if done correctly, it doesn't show up.

I finally got it to work. Once. I woke up in a sweat afraid to go back to sleep.

I have a couple of problems with this dream. One, I am not even IN a math class this semester. Two, does it mean I will have trouble in my other classes, or is it more related to daily life than to school? If anyone has any pearls of wisdom, I would appreciate it. There are tons of more questions running through my head, but thats enough for now.

God Bless

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