Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Day Two...

of classes. So far so good. I have sampled 3 out of 4 classes. I have reading due tomorrow from my very structured, very anal retentive network instructor. The terribly unstructured, easily confused instructor I had today doesn't care if we read the book or not, doesn't care if we show up or not, but informed us that it is in our best interest to do both. He gets sidetracked easily, and keeps asking where he was at. I think part of that is to see who is paying attention. I had my little voice recorder and am going to take down every word he says. I have heard horror stories about his class, and I know its going to be a challenge.

My online class is different. This instructor is using another instructors stuff, and she isn't sure how it all works. I am almost 100% sure this is the first online class she has taught. She lives close but I don't think I have ever met her, being the unsocial person that I am. Our first assignment isn't due till the middle of Sept, but I am going to try to do it Friday of this week, so I can get a jump on stuff. I will be getting bogged down later, and am going to try to put that off as long as possible.

Tomorrow night is my VB class. I am looking forward to it, but Molly is not. I told her she can sit by me as long as she doesn't bug me. LOL. I hope she doesn't take offense, but I do mean it. I will have to pay attention. I am hoping this instructor is going to be a lot better than the one from the Spring semester. She really sucked.

Time to get my reading done for tomorrow. God Bless.

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