Wednesday, August 10, 2005


I can't think of a title today. I am very tired, but its worth it. Yesterday I got up at 4:30 am and colored my hair, and got dressed before the roofers arrived at 6. I thought I would take a nap after they left, but I felt like they never left at all. They were here over 13 hours yesterday, and got a lot accomplished. This morning I was having trouble sleeping (again) and got up at 3. Back to bed at 4. Woke up at 6:30 to the sound of footsteps over head and roof ripping off.

I have been taking pictures every day, usually after they leave. I had to go out yesterday while they were here because part of the original house was exposed, but going to be covered. When I bought this house, they said it was built around 1932. When I paid my property taxes I stopped at another office and got a paper from one of the offices about my property. It said that my house was built in 1890. I was talking to the head guy yesterday, and he said the original part is around 1890, because of the square nails and the oak. They peeled off 4 layers of roof. Black on top, then blue, then green, then wooden shingles underneath. The boards on the roof are oak, and he said the way they are cut looks like they probably brought a sawmill out here and cut them as they went. Very interesting I thought. I had to get some pictures of the old oak, since I hope to never see it again in my life time. I think I heard my house sigh in relief as they took some of that weight off of her. They have one dumpster almost completely full, and still have the front of the house to go. I don't know how much longer its going to take, but not long at the rate they are going. Its interesting to watch.

God bless.

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