Sunday, August 07, 2005

School is out....

for 2 whole weeks. My final final is, ummmmmmmmm, final. :) I got an A in speech and I will find out the one for survey tomorrow. I was teetering between an A and B, so we'll see. It feels great not to have to do homework, but I have a great fear for fall classes. They are going to be a bitch.

Yesterday we went to b'f's town for the day. We played pool, putt putt, went to see Sky High, back to pool, and out for chinese food. We got back to the homestead at 11:30. I made a cake for the reunion yesterday morning before we left, and am getting ready to make the infamous banana salad for today. I don't like reunions, but am tired of the phone slamming in my ear from my grandmother when I don't go. She won't be around much longer, so I might as well go.

I have been having sort of a celebratory precelebration about the money thing. When I go shopping now, its more in looking at possibilities instead of "wish I coulds". I know a lot of the wish I coulds are "not gonna be's" but thats ok. I can window shop and not spend a dime, or I can buy that Zoo Tycoon game that I have been wanting ever since a friend loaned me hers as a trial. Well, ok, so I jumped the gun and went ahead and got it. :) Its a great learning experience for G, what different animals live like, what they like to eat, play with, etc. When I get it down pat, I may even let him play it. (she says sheepishly). It really is a lot of fun, and I am learning some things. I learned that polar bears and penguins both get pissed if you put them in together. LOL. Who would have thunk it? I thought the worst that would happen is the penguins would be lunch, but they both just got pissed.

I better work on the banana salad. I have a tradition to uphold. God Bless, and be kind to animals.

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