Thursday, August 11, 2005

Tomorrow is the day....

My money can be picked up. I hope it doesn't mess up my roof deal, but I was told it won't. We are going school clothes and school supply shopping. I am excited, but the kid has no idea. He thinks its like a regular paycheck, and I don't know if I want him to know any different. He will probably ask for everything under the sun, and I am going to act like I didn't get a bunch of money in my lap. I owe quite a bit of money, and this will make a big dent in it, and I hope to get the house paid off. I don't ever want to have to worry about a place to live ever again. One of the worst feelings in the world to me was when I had no place to call my own, and felt like an interloper.

The roof is coming along nicely. They have almost all the shingles on. They got the shed done today, and it looks great. I have to finish painting the trim yet, but it should look like a new one when its all done. They should be done with the porch roof and the rest of the shingling by Tuesday I hope. They are calling for a chance of rain every day, but they have threatened that before. This really put a kink in my 2 week vacation. I am glad its getting done though. Its looking great. The guys seem really nice and they work very very hard.

God bless.

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