Saturday, August 13, 2005

No b'f today

With the rising gas prices he can't afford to come over today. I understand. Sort of. I know he is overextended, and he said he needs to save his money for next weekend when his son comes over. It would be cheaper on him if he would keep groceries in the house instead of taking him out to eat at all hours of the day and night. (sometimes, if the kid gets hungry they will go out at 10 at night to a fast food place. I don't think thats a good thing, but he's not my kid) He doesn't keep anything to eat in the house hardly except for chips, popcorn, and peanut butter. He is a grown man, and I try to stay out of it. His worthless nephew got kicked out this week, but he let him come back. I know its probably none of my business but I told him he needs to make his nephew more responsible for his own upkeep. He should be helping with the utilities, groceries, (so they could buy some!) and laundry. The kid is 21, parties all the time, and works part time at a bowling alley so he can have blow money. He isn't doing him any favors by letting him mouch. If the guy was actually trying to save up or something, that would be a lot different.

I went and picked up my money yesterday. Two checks. I only deposited the small one till the roof is done, and it looks like that will be Monday. The roof is basically finished, just the porch roof needs built. It might be Tuesday till completion, but its awful close. The house looks great.
Anyway, back to yesterday. We went to nearby large city and got school clothes, supplies, and I got a nice outfit to wear to the scholarship reception in September. Of course, I got a few other things, like a couple of more shirts, pants, sexy nighty, floor protector for my computer chair, NIC for the kids computer, and took us all out to Red Lobster. One of G's little friends went with us, and that was a new experience. My friend Molly went, and she kept trying to buy him stuff. She can't figure out why they don't have any money, and are in debt. She didn't want to take no for an answer. She bought him and G both a pkg of boxer shorts, and gave them $2 each for Toys R Us. His bud already had $3, so she thought they could get something for $5. I subsidized the remainder of the toys, since they couldn't find anything worthy at $5. G got a hotwheels Cyborg dealio and R got a Dragon Ballz thing. So he went home with a doggy bag from RL, boxers, and a toy. His mom has been having a rough time with her live in, so needed to get rid of a kid for the day. When we took him home, I could smell the beer on her breath, and she was upset with the bf. She said he kept calling all day to see if she was still there. She is trying to find a way to get out but promised her son she wouldn't make him change schools. I think you have to do what is best for the family, whether you have to change schools or not. He is a real good kid, and they had a blast riding bikes and stuff up and down the aisles of TRU. I got G a couple of gamecube games for Christmas or birthday.

It was a good but exhausting day. After I got my sexy nighty, my friend decided she wanted one too, just like it. She is such a wannabe. LOL. I told her we could have a threesome with her hubby and she burst out laughing. I said he wouldn't be able to tell us apart. LOL. I talked to her last night, and she said he was too tired, but that was fine with me cos I would just lay there. I was beat up after all the shopping and listening to two boys jabber ALL DAY LONG. They had a real good time though.
We have a few extras to pick up today for school, backpack, shoes, a few more shirts, and he will be all set.

I have ridden 2 miles this morning, working on drinking my water and my milk, and eating veggies for breakfast. I want to really start doing what I am supposed to be doing every day. I am tired of being tired. My knee is still killing me. I am tired of being a fat bitch. I either need a shower or a nap right now to feel better and quit being so critical of myself. Time to go.

God Bless.

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