Monday, August 15, 2005

On with the shopping....

I think I am about done with my "buy whatever you want, you deserve it!" time. Its been fun to splurge on some things. For instance, buying school clothes for my kid without counting items, but still finding good deals, buying things to help keep the house clean, like my new Swiffer wetjet. I love it, well, as much as a floor mopper can be loved anyway. Today I went to Radio Shack in our teeny tiny boring mall. I parked close to it so I wouldn't have to walk the mall and could get in and get out. I plan, my son laughs. Anyway, I got a voice recorder for my classes. I hope it turns out ok. I got a digital so I could upload it to my computer and keep the lectures. I was ready to go back to the car, but my dear sweet greedy child had other ideas. I decided to humor him and decided to walk the mall.

First stop, was the bookstore. I didn't dare go in. I can't read everything I already have in this lifetime I don't think. He is just as bad. They had sale tables out by the door and we looked at those, but resisted.

Next, was Elder Beermans. It used to be something else, and was something else before that. They are the only place around for about 4 counties that carry the perfume I used to buy myself as a treat. Since this was "bwyw,ydi" day, I went in. I came out with the biggest bottle they had, some of the super duper special silk creamy sample stuff that glitters on the back of my hand, and a gift bag cos I was just so damn special. LOL Actually, they were having a thing where you spend over a certain amount you get all this free crap they can't sell. :) It looks like good stuff, and I may have to use it with my sexy nighty and just feel good about me for awhile. A shame the foreman deal didn't work out. LOL

Next, we went to Bath and Body. I don't like very many of their scents, but thought I would just check and see if they had any that caught my eye. No luck. I have enough lotion to float a boat in anyway. I found a little massager that I can use on my legs maybe. I didn't think of it till I saw some of the others they had.

Finally, I convinced G that there was nothing more to see. And their wasn't. He has been treated the last few days till he doesn't appreciate anything, so I'm not going to waste a good shopping buzz on him.

After leaving local puny mall, we hit McD's for lunch, then Walmart. I found a gas grill, paid for it, and will pick it up tomorrow. I have always wanted one. I have to pick up books tomorrow for school so it will be a good time to get it. I had to ask Father dear to borrow his truck, so the first thing he said was "what did you buy????" If it was in the box it MIGHT have fit in my car, but since it was the display and all put together, it won't.

After that, I had to stop by the meat market. Holy smokes I dropped some cash in their pockets. I am not used to spending lots of money on meat. I bought a box of burgers, some butterfly chops, some ground chuck and (gulp) 5 12-13 oz ribeyes. I wanted to celebrate and try them on the new grill. B'f has his son this weekend, and I thought us and my parents could enjoy them.

I got my M$ Office 2003 today delivered by UPS. I needed Access 2003 for my online class. I got it at academic pricing, so that's a good thing. It was a lot cheaper. I haven't installed it yet. I need to install the old version I have first.

Its been a long and tiring day. I took a box to town to donate to Catholic Charities, but they had a sign posted that they aren't taking donations for awhile. There has been way too many. Now I have this giant Attends box in my trunk and need to find a home for it. I will try again next time I take the car out.

I am going to take a break. All this shopping and going over my purchases has just exhausted me. :) It rained all day so the guys didn't get to finish the roof. Hopefully tomorrow.

God Bless.

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