Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I wonder how much training these instructors get when they start doing an online class. Our instructor still isn't letting the board know that there is no pretest, or she may open it later. I emailed her about it, since I am a fanatic about getting my stuff done on time or early for my online courses. She emailed me back, but there are 9 posts of people looking for the pretest. I assumed when she had decided she would let the board know. I am afraid if I relate what she said to me in an email that she may change her mind and I will look like a busybody or something.

I emailed her the other day and asked how do we attach our name to our assignments. She answered "hmmmmmmmmmmm, good question. Of course put your name on it." I waited a couple of days, then asked her if she wanted us to put it in our filename before we submit it. She emailed back that it sounded like a good idea. She is leaving the country in a few days and will be gone for about 10 days. It would be nice if she would let everyone know whats going on.
Our first assignment isn't due till the 15th, but its very interesting so I have the first 2 done already.

I should be reading for my other class. Holy crap is that messed up. I can't even decipher what I am reading most of the time. Soooooo, I spend less time on something I should be spending more on, and more time on something thats not even due yet. Its going to be a great semester.

God Bless

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