Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Life is good....

Today was an exceptionally busy day. Its not over yet, its just break time. First thing, I took munchkin with me to school for one of my finals. The instructor said it would only take about 20 minutes, so I asked if I could bring him, since that is the only reason I am going to that town that day. He granted me permission, and he was very well behaved. Quiet, fascinated, and busy. He was shocked that every computer in the room could get online at one time, and that it was as fast as it was. Poor kid. I think he though what we have here at home is the best there is to offer. Anyway, that done, I took my books back, and stopped off at financial aid. My Pell grant was cut drastically and I thought since I had the time I would check on it. They had part of my rollover counted as money I recieved, so all I have to do is take proof tomorrow that I rolled it over and I get the rest of my grant money back. YAY! (It went from $1850 to $500. It should go back up to $1850 I hope.)

Next, we went to home depot and I got the new toilet for my new bathroom. It will be easier on the plumber, (and on us) so that way we can still use the old bathroom till the new one is completed. I have never been so excited about a toilet in my life, but when the bathroom finally gets done, it means I can take bubble baths again. We have been in this house for 5 years with only a shower stall, and I want candles, music, bubbles, and a glass of wine. Just leave me alone for a day or two, then drag my wrinkly shriveled up body out of the tub. :) I am sooooo excited.

Next, we met some of the girls I used to work with for lunch. One of them reminded me that she owed me lunch for helping her with her computer. (it was just a screen resolution thing, but real important to her.) She wouldn't take no for an answer, and even paid for G's lunch too. We had a good visit.

Then, a planned stop at a friends house. She said she gets a lot of produce and asked if I could use some. She gave me 4 bags of salad, 8 heads of cauliflower, and 2 CASES of bananas. Needless to say, my stepmother now has more bananas and cauliflower than she had this morning. My aunt is getting some as well, and my friend I am meeting in another town in about 30 minutes is getting some bananas too. We have a family reunion coming up, and my mom always used to make the banana salad. After she passed away my aunt took up the banana salad gauntlet. When she passed away, my cousin passed the gauntlent, (the super special banana salad bowl) on to me, so it looks like I already have the main ingredient.

We got home, and checked the mail. Two letters from my attorney. I opened up the lightest one first. MY MONEY IS HERE!!!!!!! He keeps it for 10 days to make sure the check clears, so I get it next Friday. :)))))) Can my day get any better. I am so thrilled. I have big plans. First, I can pay some extra on my credit card bill to pay for the above mentioned toilet. LOL I need to get going and meet my friend, but I had to share. I want to party party party party party party party. :)))) I don't need alcohol or drugs to party. Just a mall. :) (with fat lady clothes. :) )

I may post more later tonight. I would say its a sure bet I won't be able to sleep tonight. Oh, I got my new modem from dell today, and I am back in business on MY computer. :) This is almost as good as sex. :)

God Bless.

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