Sunday, August 28, 2005

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I can't think of one.

School is going ok. I have a ton of reading, but yesterday I couldn't comprehend what I was reading so I opted for Access homework instead. I think I am going to like that. I hope the instructor steps up to the plate soon. People on the board are asking questions and she isn't answering the board. I hope she didn't learn her online habits from the train wreck of an instructor I had last spring.

It's a no b'f weekend again, which is great. He had a big church thing this weekend. His church is one that is very ordered and organized. The church I grew up in wasn't. His church has like district managers and stuff, and that seems very foreign to me. He is thinking about quitting the church board, and I am dying to find out whats going on, but he hasn't said. He just said he should be able to stand behind the pastor 100%, and the pastor did something and he can't stand behind it. He won't tell me what "IT" is, so of course my curiosity is aroused. I honestly don't know how serious of an issue it is, because b'f has been known to get wound up over things that don't need to be wound up about, so I have no clue. (like treating me like I should go to rehab because I drink up to 4 wine coolers a year)

I guess I should go back to bed. I can't concentrate right now, so I need to get some sleep so I can read that boring 60 page chapter later. Why oh why can't someone write these books with more sense of humor and less geekspeak? Well, ok, so it IS for school, and schools probably wouldn't buy them. Its like trying to swallow the Sahara Desert, one bite at a time.

God Bless

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