Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A busy day....

Today was the day to pick up books. We got there around 8:45 and was done by 9:15. Pretty good I thought. Unemployment office at 10, the park to meet Sue by 10:30. G was playing and having a good time, and Sue thought we should join in. It was a good idea in theory. Needless to say, I fell on the slide and hit my back against the bottom of the metal part. I have a bruise and scrape about 2 inches in diameter. I feel like I really been whomped. We went and ate at McD's and let G wear himself down some more in the kids thing. (No amount of trying to get me involved there worked) We went back to the park and played Putt Putt. It was a lot of fun. Sue hates it, but she won. G loves it but was so impatient he didn't even want to wait till the ball stopped moving before he hit it again. He came in last. I, of course, being true to form, was mediocre. Onward to the batting cages. G did great! He hit about 80%. His stance was great, and he was really hit them out of there. He had never done it before, and I was real impressed. I can tell we are going to be doing that quite a bit I hope. Then I took a turn. Out of 10 balls.... (drum roll please)..... I HIT 10!!!!!! I was nailing them. I really liked that. Its been over 30 years since I have hit a ball. I was never very good before, but I think I was taking out my frustrations. It felt great! Sue did crap, so that lifted my spirits some too, and its not nice, but its honest.

My dad came home today. He is cranky, tired, and complaining. He said they are talking about a pacemaker, but he doesn't want to have anything to do with it. He said if God wants him to go, just take him. He is tired. I understand.

I got my car back. It ran fine home from the shop, so I think its going to be ok. He said the rest of it looked fine. I pray it sees me through another year.

God Bless.

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