Wednesday, June 22, 2005

It's over...

My attorney just called. My claim is settled. Words cannot describe the relief I feel. He may have the papers by the time I get out of class tomorrow, and he may be able to get them finalized since the arbitrator is still going to be in town. After class I have to drop by and see if everything is in place. It feels like 50 lbs was lifted from each shoulder.

My only concern is if I get the money before my roof gets done. The funds have already been ok'd, but I don't know if this counts. I would still rather get the loan and pay the house off since its at a higher interest rate. I won't be rich, but at least I won't have to worry about making house payments for the next 5 years. Holy COW! Its hard for me to comprehend right now. If the roof thing doesn't go through, its going to take almost all that I get after attorney's fees to get the roof done, and that would really suck. I am just going to think positive thoughts.

The speech is over with. It went good. I got compliments after class by a few of the people. That made me feel better. Everyone can tell how nervous I am. I don't have the grade on it yet, but I read over the instructors evaluation and it was all good. All the classmates evaluate us too on strong points and what we need to work on. I saw one of mine laying on the desk and it said I need to work on eye contact. Thats a valid point, but these were manuscript form and everyone had a hard time with that since she wanted it at close to word for word as possible.

Life is good. Thanks for all the prayers. I am almost speechless.

God Bless. *sigh*

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Lisa said...

Glad to read that all's been settled on the lawyer front. Congrats on you for the speech, hard to do under the stress it appears you've had to deal with lately. Good luck with the roof!