Saturday, June 04, 2005

The car is fine.

We had to go to town today to get ball pictures taken. The car did fine. We went to another town to get the pictures back my son took at his school outing. The car acted like nothing had ever been wrong. Thats a great feeling.

My dad is feeling better so they are leaving for vacation tomorrow right after church. I gave my stepmother "digital camera 101" and let her borrow my camera and all the accessories. I made her change batteries, take the card in and out, make it zoom in and out, and delete pictures. I told her to play with it for awhile, so if there is a problem we can still get it figured out in the morning. She is taking her regular camera too, so they probably won't use the digital much. I hope they do. Mine is just a point and shoot, but I imagine if I was trying to learn it when I was 70 I might be a little nervous too.

All this talk about photos. My son is 8. I can tell by the pictures he took that he watches me too much. It goes to show you can't be too careful when you are living your life cos you are being watched, especially if you are a parent. He got a few pictures of kids, but mostly were trees, and close up of leaves. LOL I gotta love the kid. Almost all the pictures he took were a blur. I told him you are supposed to STOP for a second when you take a picture. He took them all on one trail. 27 pictures. He must have used up the film in 8 minutes after arriving. LOL. I am no great photographer. Not even a good one. I like what I like, and I don't always capture it like I want. My house is dowdy, and when I take pictures in the house I am always concerned about where they are being taken. I see the background now instead of just what I want to be in the picture. I have had too many pictures I was embarrassed to show anyone because of the carpet stains, lousy wallpaper, or toy riot in the living room. Some day I will have good carpet, a kid that picks up his toys, and better wallpaper. Someday.

B'f car was still in the shop today, so we won't be seeing him this weekend. He went out to dinner with his pastor. School starts for me Tuesday and I am nervous. I know one person in my computer class, and its the same instructor I had last semester. The other class is speech, and I am not looking forward to that at all. When I used to have to get up in front of a class to speak my voice would crack and my throat felt like a rubber band someone was pulling. I thought I would take it in the summer since its required but it won't last as long. I don't know anyone in that class yet. I could have taken it online, but would have to go on campus to make the speeches, so I thought maybe if I get to know people before I have to stand up in front of them, it might make it easier. I am so terribly shy, even though some are shocked to learn that of me. One on one is fine, but a group. EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!

I am bored out of my mind. I went to Yahoo chat last night, just to see if it had changed. Still the same junk. I will find a nice game somewhere to play. I am caught up on all the blogs I read. One hasn't been posted on it a long time. If anyone knows what happened to the defeatist., let me know. I still check quite often, and nothing. I can't get his posts to show up anymore. Just the topics on the side. I hope he is ok. There is a blog I like to read, and I don't even know how I found it. Its Waiterrant. Another one I like real well is The Big Yellow House. She writes very well, and is very funny. I really like reading hers. There are quite a few others I check out. (You know who you are. ) I wish I could figure out how to list them on the side like I see the others doing, but no such luck.

Well, off to find some games. Maybe I will even go to bed early. Tomorrow we start dog sitting. EEEEEK!

God Bless, and thanks for the prayers.

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