Friday, June 10, 2005

They're Back.

My parents made it back today with presents in tow. We get a little gifty for dog sitting. I got a cute little windchime, and G got a light thing that glows and spins. He already had one, but it was about dead, so this one is brighter. They got him some stickers with his name on them. Only when he came home and showed me, it was the feminine name like his. :( We are going to take a sharpy and try to fix it. Oh well, they meant well. My dad started collecting model vehicles like he has had in the past. He got a 1949 truck the same color and everything like his daddy had. We used to have some sort of law that if you bought a truck you had to have your name and town painted on the doors. I don't know why, but dad said that you only had 30 days after purchase to do it, or you got fined. I came home and whipped out some address labels and made him a set for both doors. He is happy as a clam. While I was working on them I went over to get the truck to make sure I had the right size and caught him with his head hanging over the trashcan and his handkerchief full of blood. My stepmother said she thinks it has something to do with the blood thinners and the aspirin he is taking. I didn't think you were supposed to take both, but she said his Dr. told him to. He is miserable. I went back about 15 minutes later and he was all cleaned up and sitting there like nothing happened. I got very downhearted when I wondered how often this has happened.

I have a meeting with my contractor next Friday. He is concerned if the church does the tear off that it might rain before they get here and then my insulation in the attic will get mildewed. Its a valid point. I am going to talk to the pastor and see if he wants to sit in on the meeting too. I think the contractor expects him to. We shall see.

Tomorrow is G's first peewee game this year. Then he has one Monday, Thursday, Saturday, and next Thursday, and he is done for the season. I am not sure how long little league lasts. I guess I will find out next year. He had practice last night and he was really banging them out. Ok, well, he hit them pretty good, when he hit them. :) I can tell he has been practicing. Still needs some work on the catching though. He is excited about tomorrow, and my b'f and his son are coming. Grandma has to go sell some more flower benches, and dad will be in the house in the air conditioning. He had a great time on vacation and was telling me about all the shows he saw while he was gone. I am so glad.

Time to go to bed. I have to get some rest to root for my favorite ball player in the morning.
God Bless.

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