Monday, June 06, 2005

Errand day.....

Tomorrow I start the summer session. I have mixed emotions. I am not used to having 3 weeks free time. Its been boring boring boring. I even started hanging out at the message board again getting involved in the altercations. In that respect school starting again is the best thing for me. I feel like I am starting all over, not knowing who is going to be in my classes. I know one for sure in my second class, but not for speech. I need to get my trusty backpack ready too. I never finished cleaning it out from last semester.

I am poor since I got the jalopy fixed last week. I had to turn my papers in today so I can get a check this week. I was thinking about waiting till tomorrow since I will be driving the distance anyway, but I am not sure about the car thing, and since a friend is watching the munchkin for me I don't want to take any extra time. She is only going to watch him for 3 days I think till my parents get back from vacation. I get reimbursed up to a certain amount on the babysitting, so all parties involved said they would accept whatever I get. My stepmother said she wouldn't take any money at all, but I told her since I was getting it, she might as well have it. I could use it, but it wouldn't be right. She is going to take him fishing and other cool stuff. I imagine he will get some computer time in too.

I took some papers to my attorney's office today. The letter I got from him said that if they didn't agree on a settlement before the 22nd of June it would go to arbitration. That is the day of the appointment he made. I thought I had better get the rest of the billing statements to him just in case. I really hope it comes to an agreement before then. I would be content if it just paid the bills for the surgery and paid me my out of pocket, but it would be great to get some other bills paid off. (Like the house) I owe less than $7000 on the house.

We went to Midas and got the oil changed in the car. Stopped by Sue's and picked up the Cd's that she ordered for us. I have been listening to Bryan Adams since I got home. G entertained the Midas people while we were there. On to walmart and home. Corky misses his people so we have been trying to spend some time with him. I walked around their house and watered flowers, looked at the strawberries that should be pickable in another day or two, and chased him around the yard. I left the tv on for him last night. He would drive me crazy if he stayed here, and all his toys are at his house.

I guess I will go for now. I need to get ready to go back to school. Have a great day and God Bless.

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