Saturday, June 25, 2005

Herbie Fully Loaded

We went to the movie today. It was corny. It was unbelievable. It was fun. It brought back the memories of when I was a kid and saw the original ones with Dean Jones and Buddy Hackett. I had a huge crush on Dean Jones when I was a kid. He was cute, funny, and seemed very lovable to a little girl growing up. *sigh* The movie was good, although I really don't think that Lohan chick is all that. She makes a lot more money than me though so I guess she is. I am sure she doesn't care about my opinion anyway. lol

I have been dreaming about different improvements I want to make to my house. I know a lot of it will come to be over time, but it never hurts to plan ahead. I took a tour of Home Depot Thursday, daydreaming through the aisles of what I could change, and how it would look. I figure one room at a time. First the bathroom. It should take less than $1000 to get it completed. Almost all of it is done except the plumbing and some minor carpentry. I want a new dishwasher and kitchen sink. That will probably be next. I would like to replace the wallpaper and linoleum in the kitchen too, but I am not up for a big remodel for awhile after this bathroom thing. Of course I need new carpet and a new living room suite, but that will come in time too. I plan on waiting at least for my next big grant check before I do anymore than the bathroom. I want to have a cushion.

We played Mario Golf on the game cube tonight after we got home. 4 people on 18 holes last forever, especially since G likes doing replays about 5 times on every shot. :| When people do the rude comments when you are shooting is a real nerve wracker too. I think they all do it just to drive me crazy. Oh well, they just left a few minutes ago, and the house is peaceful again. All I can hear is the hum of the air conditioner and the low murmurs of The Red Green Show in the other room. I love that show. I have turned on about everyone I know to that show.

It's been nice not to have any homework this weekend. I plan on reading over my notes for speech tomorrow. I got an A on my speech. :) 68 out of 70 points. I was very pleased.

The contract wasn't there when I got to the attorney's office Thursday, but he said it should be sometime early next week. It will be nice to get all that behind me. That whole thing has been a burden now for almost 2 years. Actually 3 if you count the prestuff. Wondering if I should have the surgery, etc, etc. I am so glad I did. The pain was awful and really made a difference as to how I do things. I'm so freakin glad its almost to a close. The next big stresser to get rid of is finishing school and seeing what job I get after that. I love ruts. I hate starting all over again somewhere else. Such is life.

God bless.

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Jukeboxsidekick said...

Yeah it sucked how they digitally removed Lindsay Lohan's cleavage in a few parts...shes really got a nice set of juggies.