Wednesday, March 30, 2005


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I had my tutor today. The first hour went well I think. The next half hour I looked at him like "what the hell are you wanting of me???????" My brain was blank, so I asked if we could call it a day. We had a club meeting in 10 minutes anyway. I almost fell asleep in Net class again. It was a little difficult to do, since I could hear the click,click,clickety click click click of the mouse of the girl next to me playing yahoo games while class was going on. She's not doing so great in the class. I wonder why? (roll eyes here) I had to go to the unemployment office today, and that went well. The girls I used to work with are always riled up about something, and I should have known better than to pay any attention, but I did, and felt dumb. That was a couple of weeks ago, and I told my case manager that I was sorry to bother her, and as long as I had been in a factory I should have went with my gut instinct instead of worrying about something that wasn't a problem. Everyone hated the new case manager when we got switched over, but she has been ok to me. Now there is only one I know that is really having a problem with her, but she is trying to do her own thing and ignore all the rules. When I told her what I had to do, paperwork wise, she kept saying "well, I'm not doing it. I don't have to." So they have been holding her mileage checks till she gets her paperwork in. (sigh) I have an assignment due tomorrow, then one due Friday. After those are completed, I HAVE to work on my paper due April 10th. I have to do some research and HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED!!!! It was one of my "over spring break" projects. LOL Like that was going to happen. Hey, I was on vacation.

The kid is in trouble in school again. He has 2 hours of Saturday school this weekend. Plus, he brought home a note yesterday that he is on lunch detention for 3 days for kicking a kid. I wrote a note to his teacher and asked for a meeting. My opinion is he has a reputation for being a trouble maker and if he is within 20 yards of some wrongdoing, he is the one in trouble. He kicked the kid, he told me he did, BUT he said the kid kicked him twice, and he told him not to. Then he kept poking him. Of course, it didn't get loud till G kicked him back. He has been so much better about telling the truth, so I believe him. He was visibly upset when he came home and said the other kid got away with it. It wasn't his regular teacher, but I want to talk to her anyway. The one that caught him told him and the other boy that it was my kids fault because he gets in more trouble than the other kid. I know some of the kids blame G cos they know the ones in charge will believe it. I know I sound like the kind of mom who says, "not my sweet little child. He would never do such a thing" but I'm not. I don't call him brat boy for nuthin. I know he is no angel, but I have also caught other kids being mean to him. They sure don't like getting caught. He is the smallest kid in all of second grade, so therefore an easy mark. Plus, he used to lie a lot, but he is getting so much better at telling the truth. The teacher even commented on that to me. Now he is getting upset cos even after telling the truth, they believe the ones that lie. Usually. There have been a few times he has been vindicated. Being in a very small town, with a very small school, the teachers dread him before they even have him in class and wait for him to mess up. It makes me so terribly sad. I am hoping that more discussion with the teacher will help. I wish I could afford a private school, but I can't. There aren't that many in this area anyway.

Time to close. God Bless. Please pray for my son, for his teachers to know the real truth, and for me to know the whole truth.

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