Monday, March 14, 2005

Day 4....

I am shocked and amazed. I have done TaeBo 4 days in a row. Of course, I am still working up to being able to complete the whole tape, but I am getting farther. I'm not stiff or sore, but I feel better, and thats a big Big BIG plus right there. I got my low carb book back from my stepmother. I had let her borrow it for so long she thought my sister had given it to them. I wonder if she has my other one too???? Oh well, it will be awhile before I work my way through this one, and of course there are tons of recipes online.

I barely finished my computer logic work in time tonight. I got it finished at 10:39 and it was due at 11:00. I almost gave up more than a few times, but kept going with the "I will give it one more shot" routine, and by jove it worked! I may have missed a few of the questions, but I was more concerned about the coding. I have one more assignment due for Friday in that class, then its spring break! Woooooooooohooooooooooooooooooo!
In the short time since I got that assignment done I have been doing conversions of hexidecimal, binary and decimal numbers. We are having a quiz on that Wednesday. Its actually kind of fun. :) I am such a wannabe. LOL His boss has a tie that says "ties suck" in binary code, so he sent us to and they have tons of cool things there. I wonder if dear old b'f would get me a gift certificate for there? (a dog sweater that says "people are stupid" in binary, a lighted snowman or christmas tree that work off of usb. LOL. I had a blast looking at all the stuff there

I think I am going to go to bed. I have more work to do tomorrow, more TaeBo to do, and a test and a quiz to do online. Hug your family/pets/friends/ etc.
God Bless.

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