Saturday, March 26, 2005

The joys of parenthood

I love my son. No surprise there. He is definitely his own person. Argumentative, quick tempered, smart, and funny. Those are just a few of his attributes, whether good or bad. He really tickled me yesterday. We were getting ready to go meet our friend for lunch. I made him take a shower (being the meanest mommy of all times.) He usually runs around in a towel for awhile afterwards, then runs around naked till I put the question to him of what would he do if someone came to the door. LOL He rushes around then. Anyway, he went and got his clothes and took them to the bathroom with him. Very unusual I thought. My son, having a conservative mother, as far as utility bills go, thinks it is necesary to empty the hot water heater of all the hot water. He sings in the shower, and has a grand old time. A few times he said he couldn't get all the soap out of his hair since the hot water was all gone. Oy! Anyway, after the lengthy shower, I heard the bathroom door open, then close, then I heard the blow dryer. My first thought was "OH CRAP! WHERE'S THE CAT????" Then the cat sauntered by. I think he can read my thoughts, which is maybe why he doesn't like me too much. G comes out of the bathroom, dressed, with his hair spiked. He only spikes the front, and it looks pretty cool. He said he even shaved too. He said it had been awhile. (he remembers to shave about every 3 months with his Clifford the Big Red Dog shaving kit.) He is so funny. He always wants me to feel his face and tell him how smooth it is. One morning he was almost late for the bus cos he was shaving. I thought maybe he had a date, but he said he did it to surprise me. He informed me he is too young for a girlfriend yet. Thank God. He is only 8, after all.

I have exercised to video for 16 days in a row!!! Who would have thunk it????? I am even keeping my excel chart all up to date. I think this could get to be a habit. Not so much the chart since I only update it about 3 times a week, but I am getting up at 5:30 in the morning so I can get my exercises in before we leave. We are going to church with b'f and its over an hour drive. We need to leave here by 7:30, and if I want any hot water for my shower in the morning, I have to get it first. My son informed me I am to wake him at 6:30 SHARP! Knowing him, 6:29 he will roll back over, and if its 6:31, he will ask why I didn't get him up on time. He is such a stickler for details. I have no idea where he got that at, but its very annoying. (she says while batting her eyes)

My sister called. She is coming down the 16th for the day. Then b'f reminded me that is his birthday weekend. (Sunday is the day) I would rather just spend the time with her, so we may make another run to his house on Sunday instead. He won't like that at all. I can't believe it didn't ring a bell when she mentioned the date. Her b'f is going turkey hunting, so she thought she would take the opportunity to come down. It will be great to see her. She said not to tell G yet, cos she doesn't want to disappoint him. She is a cool aunt, and a cool sister besides.

Time for bed. The clothes are in the dryer, the kid is still chatting with me from the other room, and my eyelids are drooping.

God Bless, and remember what Easter is all about.

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