Friday, March 11, 2005

All caught up...

I barely got my homework done in time yesterday. I had one class done by noon, but the other one totally had me lost. Logic didn't seem very logical to me. (Sometimes I crack myself up, and no, that wasn't one of them. Sometimes I am embarrassed to be seen with me. Anyway, I got my grade today, I got an A on the one I had done by noon, but got 17.5 out of 23 on the one I was totally lost on. If she grades on a curve I should do pretty good I think. There were people posting on the board that didn't have a clue at 10:00 and it was due at 11:00. I don't feel so bad when that happens. Well, bad for them, but not so bad for me.

I have declared today my own personal holiday it seems. I usually try to work on school stuff till 3 and then take a Dr. Phil break. I just now opened a book and sat it beside me, but have yet to look at it. One more hour and it will be time for a break. LOL I have 3 assignments due Monday, so I should really start cracking.

Tonight me and the kid are going to meet my friend for dinner that recently got her heart broke. I got some CD's for her grandsons who just got a new computer. They are in preschool and kindergarten so we went through G's computer stuff. Of course, this is the friend that brags about everything, and was telling me how one of her friends sent her money since she was down on her luck. She is living rent free, and gets almost as much unemployment as I do. She is finally getting cable hooked up for her computer, since she can afford it, so now I will get emails that are too huge for my teeny tiny dial up, and hear, "oh, I'm sorry. I forgot". I am glad she can use me to make herself feel better, just don't tell me. :( Oh well, it takes all kinds to make the world go around.

I have been thinking about my past alot lately. I'm not sure why. Old boyfriends, my mom and her last summer with us, growing up in general. I may be posting some on it, if nothing else just to exorsize some of it from my brain. I get sad about the boyfriend part, and I miss my mother, but at least she is out of pain. It makes me sad my son and her have never got to meet, at least so far. She was a wonderful person. She always will be in my heart. That will be for another day.

God Bless.

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