Monday, March 21, 2005

Day 11!

I'm keeping up so far with the exercise. I'm still not seeing any change in the scale, but I still feel better. It could have something to do with the fact that I made spaghetti last night and had some for breakfast and lunch. I still haven't convinced myself to go low carb yet. I have been doing good on the veggies though.

I am bored. And tired. I planned on doing schoolwork today, but to avoid that I cleaned out the fridge. I mean scrubbed, took out shelves, and really cleaned it out. At least the bottom half. I will save the rest for later. These were bad enough. I don't know what my son spilled in the bottom and never mentioned, but it was under the crisper on the bottom. Nasty nasty stuff.

Tomorrow I am going to go get his Easter stuff. That will take me away from schoolwork for awhile. Here I was thinking I was going to get ahead. I will get a few outlines done. I have worked on them a bit, and got the basic part done. The school website is going to be down off and on over break, so I may not get to turn them in or take the quizzes right after I am done, but those don't take long at all. I want to get ahead as much as possible in the stuff I can. I have to write a career paper, but have to get a code before I can start on it.

This has been so exciting. I think I will go to bed. If anyone wants to know about anything, just ask. I may have mentioned something and never finished. I do that sometimes.

God Bless. Kiss your loved ones.

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