Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Another test down the tubes....

I just took the Visual Basic test. I got a C. Again. I studied all day. I typed out all the homework questions we have had (5 pages typewritten, highlighted, formatted impeccably, I might add) with the correct answers. I printed out all the power point frames and read and marked them all up so I could remember it better, and still got a crappy C. I expect so much better from myself. That makes me "average" and I hate being average. I got an A on my hardware test, and I need to figure up what I am getting so far in Networking. I hope to find out how I did on the test in that one tomorrow. Thats the one I dreaded the most. Who would have ever thought that at 45 years old I would be worried about GRADES???? I wasn't even worried about them when I was a kid. Man, how things change. Back to homework.
God bless those that teach to the ones that can't learn. :(


Gaucho Joe said...

You are well above average. The average person feels the sting of life's blows and throws in the towel, hangs up the gloves and settles for a numbingly unchallenged existence. Your "C" puts you right in the middle of joyful dreamers and free spirited achievers. Take that grade for what it is: a great big smile.

Angelize said...

Thank you very much for the kind words. You made my average grade sound so much better than average. C: