Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Valentines is over for another year.....

and I am glad. B'f came over, so he was happy. Since he is diabetic, and he used to love sweets, I got him a heartshaped box of sugar free chocolates. When I talked to him tonight he was eating some of them. He said they were very good. He brought in a big red and white gift bag when he came in. I got a calendar with some great castle pictures. He knows I have enough calendars to choke a horse, but knows how I love a good castle picture. Very thoughtful actually. Told me he thought I could scan them in for desktops. I have been finding some great desktops for the new computer, but I sure miss all the ones I had on my old system. I really need to see about getting that back one of these days. Anyway, he got me a stuffed dog that sings an Elvis song. I hate stuffed animals, but don't have the heart to tell him, since that is his standard gift. Every Easter and every valentines I get a stuffed something. Now, for the kicker, there was a good sized heart shaped box in the bottom. About 5" probably, and about 4" deep. I was hoping for some chocolate since I haven't had any decent chocolate in awhile. I am not a big candy person, but dark chocolate is a great treat. I opened the box.... and it was a bag of carrots. CARROTS! He said he didn't want to ruin my diet. I didn't realize I was on one, but I guess I am. I kind of try to be most of the time, but it was VALENTINES DAY. No flowers, no chocolate, but carrots and a freakin stuffed animal. Ah well. I knew it was no love match anyway.

My feelings on flowers: I don't know why other women appreciate flowers. I only know why I do. I love the beautiful complexity of God's creation for one thing. Flowers can be so intricate in the design. I know of no one that could have done them any better, no matter how they try to engineer them. To me, since they are disposable, it also means they care enough to throw a little money away on me. It may sound funny being as practical as I usually am, but it means a lot to me. Now, when I say flowers, I don't mean a dozen roses. That is very impractical unless they were home grown. One, two or 3 roses would mean more to me. Lets not be foolish about it. Money is hard to come by, after all. I will admit, roses are my favorite flower I think. I love to come in the room that has very fragrant roses sitting in there. The best time to get flowers are the "no reason" flowers. Stopping and getting one at the convenience store would please me to no end. B'f has only gotten me flowers twice. Once, his son told him to get me a rose (at the convenience store) and it was wonderful. I didn't find out till later that it was his sons idea. His son didn't even like me very well then, but I think he had seen his stepdad do it, and thought it was a good idea. Smart kid. I oohed and awwwwed, etc, but the only other time was when I had my hysterectomy. I think there were flowers and balloons then. I was pretty drugged for a few weeks so its kind of fuzzy. I mentioned to him how much I love flowers, and he told me that his ex yelled at him for buying them before, so he just doesn't. I told him kind of jokingly that I wasn't his exwife, trying not to sound too bitchy, but it didn't work. I have bought me a few bouquets at Walmart when I am feeling a little fancy free with the checkbook. When my kid runs out of milk for his cereal, I would feel like crap if there were flowers sitting on the table that I paid for. I have a huge lilac bush in the front yard and when they flower I race out and bring some in. They really are beautiful. I wish I had one growing out the kitchen window, and have thought about putting one there. Its awful close to the drain thingie though. (sorry about the technical jargon. Its a gift. LOL)

I should be getting to bed. Its stormy out and I am kind of spooked. Its dropped 30ยบ in the last 6 hours or so, and its very very windy and rainy. We had some sleet/hail/ice pellets falling a bit ago. I asked b'f what the difference is in sleet and hail, and he said one is bigger than the other, but they are both ice pellets. So, we had some sleet on steroids it sounded like. Glad I was safe and warm in my home. I have classes tomorrow, so I had better try to get some sleep.

Call your loved ones, and let them know you care. God Bless.

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